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#1006: Can My Wife Contribute Money To Me That I May Use As Zakaatu Al-Fitr?

“Assalam alaykum, please I need a response concerning zaiatul FITR. If a man doesn’t have money to do it, can his wife give him to do it. Even the man has not drop money for feeding due to present situation but the wife has and she wants him to do it”


Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh.

Know, may Allah bless me and you, that the Zakaatu Al-Fitr is obligatory upon everyone that is Muslim and capable as is evident in the Hadith that was recorded by Imam Al-Bukhari from Umar bn Al-Khattaab radiyallahu anhu who said:

فرض رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم زكاة الفطر، صاعاً من تمر، أو صاعاً من شعير، على العبد والحر، والذكر والأنثى، والصغير والكبير من المسلمين، وأمر بها أن تؤدى قبل خروج الناس إلى الصلاة

“The Messenger of Allah salallahu alayhi wasallam obligated Zakaatu Al-Fitr as a measure of one Saa’ of Datepalms, or one Saa’ of grains, upon the Slave and the Free, man and woman, young and elderly, among the Muslims. And He commanded that it be given before people leave out for the Salaat (of the Day of Id)”

Whosoever is not able to afford it due to him being dependent on others, then the responsibility of its giving returns to the one upon whom his sustenance lies.

For this reason, the Fuqaha have held that the Zakaatu Al-Fitr of a man must include the measure on behalf of everyone that relies on him for sustenance.

However, once a Child has reached an age where he fends for himself and earns a living, the obligation to give the Zakaat on behalf of him by his parents or by those upon whom his sustenance relied on earlier ceases to exist. He is now responsible for it by himself. If they still give it for him on his behalf, there is no problem and it suffices for him. If however they don’t, there is no blame on them and the blame is on him if he fails to give out.

This is general information.

As for the man whose financial situation is weak and he is not capable of meeting the demands of the Zakaatu Al-Fitr and his wife has the means to do so, there is nothing wrong in her doing of that and this is a Sadaqah from her to him. This is permissible and encouraged.

And the best to be done in this case is that she gives to him the money as a Sadaqah that he may acquire with it the measure required on behalf of the entire family.

Such a woman has all the rewards for helping her husband and for giving out Sadaqah.

May Allah Taala of His Infinite Bounties replenish the husband and give him in abundance with Halaal provisions, amin.

Barakallahu Fikum.
Jazakumullahu Khayran.

Abū Asim

25th Ramadān, 1441AH.

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