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#1017: The Reason For The Conflict Between Ali And Mu’awiya (May Allah Be Pleased With Them)

Salamu alaikum, please what’s the story behind the conflict between ‘Ali and’Mu’awiyah?


Assalam Alaykum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh.

Following the unfortunate killing of the third Khalīfah of this Ummah, Uthman (May Allah have mercy upon him) by the Khawārij movement, the bay’ah (pledge of allegiance to a legitimate ruler by those who are going to be ruled) was given to Ali (May Allah have mercy upon him). He initially refused accepting the bay’ah, but after some of the companions insisted on him, he agreed to be the next Khalifah of the Muslims.

After the bay’ah was given, Ali (May Allah have mercy upon him) decided on changing those that served as governors during the time of Uthman (May Allah have mercy upon him). However, Mu’awiya (May Allah have mercy upon him) who was a relative to Uthman and also the governor of Shām refused to step down. He demanded justice for the death of his kinsman and placed that as a condition for him to give bay’ah.

Ali’s reason for delaying the punishment on the killers of Uthman, is fear of a greater harm (Mafsadah) looking at the fact that Uthman was not killed by a single person. And most of the killers are backed by their tribesmen or many others. Punishing them at that critical period will only worsen the situation of the Ummah. So, he sees benefit (Maslaha) in delaying their punishment to a future time when there will be no fear of a greater fitnah or the fear will be less. But Mu’awiya objected to this.

In order to maintain unity and orderliness in the state, Ali drew up an army and went to fight Mu’awiya. Upon hearing this, Mu’awiya also prepared an army to meet with the army of Ali.

This is insha Allah, a summary on what led to the conflict between the two parties.

Alhāfiz Ibn Hajar mentioned in Fathul-Bāri (13/37):

“The Ahlussunnah have unanimous agreement on the forbiddance of discrediting any of the companions based on what has occurred between them, even if it appears one is more right than the order, because they all act based on Ijtihād (a process of deriving ruling by making a legal interpretation of the sources of Shari’ah).”

When reading books on this matter, we have to be very careful because many contain false and fabricated stories written by the enemies of Islam to tarnish the image of the companions.

Lastly, Allah says:

“تلك أمة قد خلت لها ما كسبت ولكم ما كسبتم ولاتسئلون عماكانو يعملون”

“Those are a people who have passed away, theirs is that which they earned, and yours that which you earn. And you will not be ask of what they used to do” [Baqarah, 141]

Allah knows best.

Barakallahu Fikum.
Jazakumullahu Khairan.

Abu Abdillah

3rd Shawwāl, 1441AH.

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