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#1041: On Birth Control

“Assalamun Alaykum wa rahmatulLAh wa baraakatuh, my questions please. When one decides to prevent child brith through whatever means good and doesn’t cause harm to the body, is it islamically term as killing children? Can one decide to stop child birth not because of poverty but because she feels she is okay with the number of kids she has? Teen girls that got married and start birth as early and 14,15,16,17 years old are they to keep having children till MENOPAUSE? JazaakmulLaahu khayran”


Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh.

Alhamdulillah. Know, may Allah bless me and you and the entire Ummah of Islam, that there is nothing wrong with controlling the number of children you produce provided you do not use means and measures that inflict pain or permanently damage or change any part of your body, and it is an agreement between yourself and your spouse.

It is however important to note the following matters;

First, the control on the number of children that you have is permissible but contrary to what is better. This is because the Rasul salallahu alayhi wasallam encouraged that we have as many children as possible.

Second, if your reason for controlling your number of children is due to the fear of sustenance of theirs or because you fear poverty, this can be a problem in your creed. You need to be careful attributing the provision of livelihood to other than Allah. Allah is it who provides for you and your offsprings.

And Allah knows best.

Barakallahu Fikum
Jazakumullahu Khayran.

Abū Asim

5th Dhul Qadah, 1441AH.

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