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#1063: On The Permissibility Of Naming A Child Waqqaas

As-salaamu alaikum. The question about the permissibility of the name waqqōs has taken almost a year, yet unattended to. May Allah assist us.


Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wabarakaatuh.

May Allah reward you for your patience and indulgence. Amin

The initial question asked goes thus:
“As-salaamu alaykum Sheikhunaa. Sorry I have to ask u this question in private because its personal to me. Is it OK to name a child WAQQŌS وقاص ? I named my son Waqqōs because of the dictionary and apparent or acquired meaning of the name which means a Warrior or signifying Bravery. However, someone has just drawn my attention to the root(مصدري) of the word. He said it’s from the root word وقص which means to decapitate or to behead. He quoted a hadith about someone who was killed by his travelling animal during Hajj(الذي وقصت بعيره). If a name has it’s own good or relevant meaning, should we always go back to the root word? Does this affect the meaning for which I named him Waqqōs? If it does, what should I do, change the name or stick to the meaning not minding the root word? Jazākumullōhu khayran”


As for the name Waqqaas, then know, may Allah illumine my heart and yours with the Nur of Wah’y, that it is a name that is established and known in the Era before Islam and in the Era after it, and it is the name of three of the Companions of Rasulullah salallahu alayhi wasallam; Waqqaas bn Haajib bn Ghifaar, Waqqaas bn Qumaamah Al-Haarithi and Waqqaas bn Majzazu Al-Mudlaji radiyallahu anhum.

It is not of the Rasul salallahu alayhi wasallam to keep mute over the names of any of his Companions if the name was wrong or inappropriate. There are several Ahaadith to the effect that he changed the name of some of his Companions or asked them to do same whenever the name was inappropriate.

As for the root word, it is derived from the word Al-Waqs but it is not as he said used to mean only breaking or decapacitating.

It is also used to mean that which is broken in pieces such as chopsticks that are used to fuel fire. And chopsticks are referred to as Waqqaas because they are broken into pieces and are used to increase the burning and intensity of fire.

And though the word originated from that which is grinded or made into pieces, it is transferred to these chopsticks. The name Waqqaas as it is known to the Arabs is taken to refer to Chopsticks by which they mean a person who helps to fuel one’s life or one’s goals. And some of the Grammarians refer to Waqqaas as to the one whose neck is short or who is short by nature.

We have mentioned this to imply that it is not true to say that the root meaning of a word is definitely the meaning of the word as it is used. They don’t always mean the same. So let attention be drawn to that.

In the Era of the Tabi’in, several of them had this name and in the Eras that came after them.

And Allah knows best.

There is therefore nothing wrong in the naming of your child Waqqaas.

Barakallahu fikum

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