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#1104: On What Makes The Sahaabahs Exceptional

Question: Salamun Alaykum Warahmatullaah Mallam please I have a very pressing question and may Allaah bless your time. What made the Sahabahs to find it so easy to practice Islam with all their lives? What method can aid believers in this time to have such sincerity and dedicate like them.. especially to someone who has tendency to take Islam seriously?


Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullah wa barakaatuhu.

Without doubt, the one that write about the factor responsible for the sincere dedication of the Sahaabah -may the pleasure of Allah be upon them- cannot in anyway be just to them because he is not like them. One can only try while hoping in Allah for tawfeeq.

Know, may Allah grant us His mercy, that the major reason for such a solidly established sincere dedication of the Sahaabah can only be born from the clear certainty they had in the message and promises of Allah.

It’s an innate attribute of any sane human that he only strives for what he thinks will benefit him. If man develops cold feet along his path towards his goal it’s only because, he is no more certain about achieving what will benefit him at the end of the road or he developed more certainty in benefiting from some other goals. This is an innate attribute of a sound human being. He will never strive for what will not benefit him.

The muhajireen were certain that what they stand to gain from Allah was far better and beneficial than all they sacrificed and for that they didn’t think twice in engaging in the trade. The Ansaar during the incidence of taking covenant to protect the Rasul with all they posses asked, what will be ours in return, and the prophet alaihi salam answered “Al Jannah” and they immediately accepted and sealed the deal.

Can this be other than there clear certainty in the message and the promise of Allah.

Secondly, another trait responsible and Allah knows best is their truthfulness. They were all truthful in their thoughts, in their speech, in their relationships and their actions. Any mistake they made was a truthful one. This is one trait that all the Ummah agreed the Sahaabah possessed without contention. Without it, there is no way the deen could have gotten to later generation in authentic chains of narration. It is also because of the truthfulness of their thoughts that the Ummah agreed upon their understanding as a bases for correctness in creed and action.

Thirdly, their readiness to patiently bear the implications of their decisions.

These three traits: clear and firm certainty of goal, truthfulness in intent and action and patience are responsible for their been chosen to carry the banner of Islam. And Allah knows best.

Allah said: “And we made from them models that guide to good by our permission when they were patient and had certainty in our signs.” Suratul Sajdah VS. 24

Regarding your second question on which method can Muslims of today take in order to selflessly practice Islam in the way the Sahaabah practiced,? Then you should know that the simple answer lies in trying to be like them in these traits we have mentioned above.

The rasul alaihi salam said: “I have left you on a clear field whose night time is not different as its day time. None tries to differentiate between the two periods except the misguided and the wretched one.

Also Imam Malik, said: “Nothing can rectify the affairs of the last part of this nation except what rectified the first of it.”

So receive the glad tidings of the assurance from Allah of ability of the availability of such people till the end of time.

So what is left is for us to resolve to be like them and we follow their footsteps.

Nothing makes one achieve this except by sincere persistent in Du’a to Allah to make us like them followed by seeking knowledge solely to implement it in order to earn the pleasure of Allah.

May Allah make us and you from among the truthful ones. Amin.

And Allah knows best.

Abu Hafs

8th Jumadal Th-Thāni, 1442AH.

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