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#1143: On The One Who Becomes Lazy And Careless Due To Qasr

“What is rhe Ruling of the One who becomes lazy and careless with his Salawaat due to observance of Qasr?”



Know O Beloved one that the answer to this is from 2 angles.

The first, the ruling of Qasr:

The majority of the Fuqahaa hold the position that Qasr is Sunnah and not a Waajib. This is the position of the Malikis as mentioned by Ad-Dardir, Ad-Dasuki and Al-Kharshi. It is the position of the Shaafi’is as mentioned by An-Nawawi in the Majmuu’u and Al-Maawardi in Al-Haawi. It is the position of the Hanbalis as mentioned by Al-Hajjaawi in Al-‘Iqnaa’; and many others among the Fuqahaa.

Ibn Abdilbarr said in Al-Istidh’kaar:
“That to which inclined majority of the Predecessors and those that came after them is that Qasr Salaah was a Sunnah that is established and not an Obligation. Rather some of them maintained that it was a dispensation and a relief”

The position of the Hanafis is that it is Waajib as mentioned by Ibn Najim in Al-Bahru Ar-Raa’iq.

The Second, the Wisdom behind this alleviation by the Shar’iah:

The wisdom, as mentioned by Imaam Abubakr Al-Ahdal in the Faraa’id is to support the Traveller and grant him a dispensation to have the needed rest as he travels.

That said, O beloved one, there is no possibility in the Shariah of Allah that it will encourage laziness or make the one who adheres to its dispensation to be lazy unless the one who does it is inclined toward laziness or is weak in Iman and has been affected by the distractions of the Dunya and it’s fouls. Qasr then is not the cause of his laziness and carelessness. The cause of it is his weakness and the weakness of his Imaan. And were this person to return to his observance of the Salaah in its resident form of 4 Raka’at, he would still be lazy and would skip Salawaat without a due or just cause.

Let everyone who suffers from weakness and laziness in his Salaah and his Imaan return to that which rectifies and to that which purifies the heart for he has failed and lost his soul the one who is careless with his Salaah.

The Salaah is the last single connection between a Servant and his Lord. Once this tie is severed then one has no respite in repelling Shaytaan.

We ask Allah for Tawfiq and Sadaad.

Barakallahu fikum

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