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#1145: On The Ruling Of “Kayan Mata” (Aphrodisiac) And Its Likes

Asallamu Allaikum pls I have question pls very urgent what is the ruling of Islam on Kayamata dats common with Hausa women and even men too e.g hip Enlargement, breast Enlargement and sex sweetener etc pls if u have evidences on the ruling of Islam on those things or even video lecture pls help a sister.


Wa Alaykum Salam Warahmatullah Wa barakaatuh.


As for this, it ruling falls under the general ruling of aphrodisiac generally. It can be looked at in four angles.

The first, that which is used to enable potency for the one who is handicapped or losing it due to old age. As for this, it is permissible provide what it used is Halaal in itself, doesn’t change the nature and does no harm in itself. Rather, this can even be encouraged if it helps to keep the family and helps with children. The Shariah commands that we have children and the Rasul salallahu alayhi wasallam commanded that we marry women who are very fertile and can produce children.

The second, that which is used to increase pleasure or to heighten climax. This is discouraged largely medically as it is known medically that these kinds of inducements have later repercussions as they weaken the body, heighten the sexual drive in the interim and make the body dependent on them for any form of sexual activity.

The Ruling of the Shar’iah therefore for any such that harms is Haraam. The Fuqahaa are agreed that anything that harms is Haraam, as mentioned by An-Nawawi in Al-Majmuu’u. The only exemption to this are aphrodisiac that are natural foods, vegetables or fruits. As for these ones, there hasn’t been any medical issues associated with them, and Allah knows best.

The third, that which is taken or undergone to change some natural features of the body and to make the body more appealing. This is Haraam, and most of these are surgical processes that seek to change the body’s nature for cosmetic purposes. These are Haraam by consensus.

The Fourth, those that involve supernatural processes like the use of Jinn to increase attraction and the likes. These are Haraam and are Sihr.

And Allah knows best.
Barakallahu fikum

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