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#115: What is difference between Seclusion and Khalwah



The word ‘aluwa’ is an Arabic word in which the proper pronunciation is Al khalwa(الخلوة) not aluwa.

The linguistic meaning of Al Khalwa in the dictionary ‘Almújamu Alwasīt’ means a place where someone seclude oneself.

But in the terminology of the sharia, it means for one or two persons to seclude themselves in an hidden place or a place where no one could see them.

While the word “seclusion” is from Latin word ‘secludere’, which means the state of being alone or away from people.

Therefore, the word “Al khalwa” means seclusion. However, the word “Al Khalwa” has a vital usage and meaning as against the word ” seclusion.” This is because it is hard to be able to translate Arabic words *exactly* with its full meanings into English words unless to just use a closer word at times.

Allāhu A’alam! Bārakallāhu fīkum!


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