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#1172: The Ruling Of Slaughtering A Cow As ‘Aqīqah For Three Children

“Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh. I have a question sir. Can someone slaughter a cow for 3 children for their aqeeqoh. Among these children 2 is female and a male. Pls is urgent sir. Jazakallahu khayran”


Wa Alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh.

Beloved One, May Allāh illumine your heart and mine, Amīn.

As for the ‘Aqīqah, the majority of the Fuqahā in the Hanafī, the Mālikī, the Hanbalī and the Shāfi’ī Schools are agreed that it is permissible to use any of the Animals that are used for the Ud’hiya for ‘Aqīqah. Only the Dhāhiriyyah differed with them. This is based on a Hadith as was recorded by Al-Hāfidh Al-‘Irāqī in Tar’hu At-Tathrīb from Anas bn Mālik – radiyallāhu ‘anhu – that the Rasūl – Salallāhu Alayhi Wasallam said:

من ولد له غلام، فليعق عنه من الإبل والبقر والغنم

“Whomsoever a child is born to him, let him do the ‘Aqīqah slaughtering on his behalf of camel, cow or sheep”

Based on this, there is permissibility to use the cow for the ‘Aqīqah.

What they differed about is the ruling of splitting as has come in the question being asked.

The Hanafī and Shāfi’ī Schools are agreed on it’s permissibility whereas the Mālikis and the Hanbalī Scholars consider it impermissible.

As for the Shāfi’īs, they draw a Qiyās Analogy with the ‘Ud’hiyyah and hold that if it is permissible to share in the Sacrifice, it is permissible with the Ud’hiyya also.

The position of the Hanbalis is that this is not permissible because there is no prove for it’s permissibility. Likewise, it is known that the slaughter of the ‘Aqīqah is a form of ransom, why and how then is a ransom be made on behalf of multiple persons?

The position which holds the most weight, and which is correct inshā Allāh, is the position of the Mālikis and the Hanbalīs, that it is not permissible. ‘Aqīqah is an Ibādah and in Ibādah we are commanded to only work in accordance with what there is evidence in it’s doing.

And Allāh knows best.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazakumullāhu Khayran

Abū Āsim

19th Rajab, 1443AH.

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