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#119: Ruling on what makes Halaal Slaughter


Wa alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh


Firstly, there is nothing in the article you posted that is definite about what makes a meat Halāl for consumption. There are a host of animals that don’t become Halāl for consumption even if you slaughter them in the best of ways. Further, if you were to slaughter an animal that is Halāl for consumption by entirely severing the head, it doesn’t become Harām for consumption.

So, when the author of the article said: _’it is the undrained blood that contaminates the meat, which makes it Harām.’_, s/he is entirely wrong.

The author him/herself proved ignorant by giving an answer to a question without knowledge, and then returning to reading articles!!! But what is surprising is how s/he managed to _’went through hadiths and articles written by muslim scholars’_ and did not come across the Hadīth in which the Rasūl – salallāhu alayhi wasallam – said as was narrated by the Noble Companion Rāfi’ Ibn Khudayj – radiyallāhu anhu – and recorded by the Recorders of the Sunan:

: (( ما أنهر الدم وذكر اسم الله عليه فكلوا ما لم يكن سنا أو ظفرا…))

_”Whatever tool that spills the blood and upon which the Name of Allāh is mentioned, eat of its slaughter, as long as it is neither bone nor claws…”_

It is seen therefore that as long as blood flows, it is OK. Even if the blood isn’t drained.

If however, the pivot around which the article revolved was *The benefits of the Sunnah way of Slaughter*, it would have made most sense.

For this reason, Muslims who are engrossed in Modern Science and other Earthly Knowledge should be careful in their assertions and should ensure that they do not say what is incorrect in the Dīn.

As for your question on whether facing the Qiblah during the slaughter was a condition for the slaughter to be Halāl, then the Ulamā are at a consensus that it is neither a _Shart_ (Condition) nor an obligation ( _Wājib_) but a Recommendation.

Imām Ash-Shāfi’ī – rahimahullāh – said:

وأحب أن يوجه الذبيحة إلى القبلة

_”And my recommendation is that he faces the slaughter to the Qiblah”_

Ref: ‘Mukhtasaru Al-Muzanī’

And He said in the Umm:

وإن أخطأ أو نسي فلا شيء عليه إن شاء الله.

_”And if he makes a mistake or forgets, then there is no blame on him Allah willing.”_

This is the same position mentioned by the Madhāhib as was recorded by Al-Mawwāq of the Māliki School, Al-Bahūtī of the Hanbali Madh’hab and Al-Kasā’i of the Hanafi School.

Allāh A’alam
Bārakallāhu fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran.

20th Safar 1438.


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