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#138: Ruling on Naming a Miscarried Child

” Assalamu alaykum. May Allah put barakah in what we have learnt. A sister had a miscarriage after 4months of her pregnancy, the husband later discovered after some months that he was suppose to name the child and do aqiqah for the child. Is it still compulsory for him to do all of those?”_


Wa alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh.

Alhamdulillāh, may Allāh accept your du’ā and grant you beneficial Ilm too. Bārakallāhu fīkum.

As for your question, then know, Allah be merciful on us all, that the Ulamā differed on the ruling of this.

While some of them hold that the baby must be named, others hold that he doesn’t need to be named. The evidence used by the former is the generality of the Hadīth on the creation of the human in the womb of his/her mother as has come in the Hadīth of Abdullah Ibn Mas’ūd – radiyallāhu anhumā – that shows that at that age, the foetus already has been given soul.

Others of the Ulamā hold that there doesn’t need to be a name but must be buried in accordance with the way of burying a Muslim by preparing the body, shrouding, and burying in the graveyard of the Muslims.

The former is the sounder of the two positions. Except that none of the Ulamā that we know hold that after some months as you described, he has to do that in retrospection.

Therefore, as he wasn’t aware before hand, there is nothing on him, Allāh willing.

We ask Allāh to compensate the concerned family with another child who will bring them joy in this world and loftiness in the hereafter, āmīn.

Allāhu A’alam
Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran

11th Rabi-ul-awwal 1438H

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