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#164: Details on the Woman who Her Father, Husband and Son are Prophets


Pls I just want a detail on the woman who her father was a prophet, husband a prophet and son also a prophet…


Assalaamu alaykum warahmatullaah wabarakaatuh,

Beloved sister, the question you asked seeks to get the following answer:

Layyā bint Ya‘qūb – her father was Ya‘qūb عليه السلام ; her husband was Ayyūb عليه السلام ; her brother was Yūsuf عليه السلام ; and her son was Ẓul Kifl عليه السلام .

But the reality is that this answer circulating and circulated by people on the media and in some circles is fictitious and unreal.

Reasons been the following:

1. There is nothing real about the so-called ‘Layya bnt Ya’qub’ so referred.

This personality is only known in the old testament book of Genesis. She is said to be a daughter of Ya’aqub that had only a child – son or daughter, the Hebrew scriptures differed.

According to this record, she was raped.

Now, we know that a raped child can’t be a nabi. Allah does not make of His Messengers and Prophets from those with an impure lineage.

2. Yusuf – alayhissalaam – is not said to have any sister. He was the son of Rachael – Alayhi assalāmu.

3. The Mufassirun detailed the wife of Ayyub – alayhissalaam – in the books of Tafsir and Ta’arikh. None of them mentioned something related to that. Also, his sons were mentioned. It was never mentioned that one of them was DhulKifl

4. The DhulKifl mentioned in the Books of Hadith shows evidently that DhulKifl was generations after Ya’aqub – alayhissalaam, and born after Musa alayhissalaam

Abdullah Ibn Abbas – radiyallaahu an hu – narrated:

: “إن نبياً من أنبياء بني إسرائيل، آتاه الله الملك والنبوة، ثم أوحى الله إليه أني أريد قبض روحك، فاعرض ملكك على بني إسرائيل، فمن تكفل لك أنه يصلي بالليل حتى يصبح، ويصوم بالنهار فلا يفطر، ويقضي بين الناس فلا يغضب، فادفع ملكك إليه، فقام ذلك النبي في بني إسرائيل وأخبرهم بذلك، فقام شاب،

Allāh granted a Nabī from amongst the Prophets of Banū Isrāīl kingship and prophethood. Allāh revealed to him, “I intend to seize your soul. So present your kingdom to Banū Isrāī. He who guarantees (kifl) you that he will offer ṢSalāh until the morning; and fasts during the day without breaking it; and will judge amongst the people without becoming angry; then give him the kingdom.”

The Nabī stood amongst Banū Isrāīl and informed them of that. A young man stood…..

It is related by Ibn Al-Athir, and Ibn Jarir. Ibn Kathir recorded it in ‘Al-Bidaayah Wa An-Nihaayah’.

Therefore, there is nothing in Islam to back up either the question or the answer.

My advice is to avoid following or propagating such things.

*Baarakallaahu feekum*
*7th Jumadal Ulaa 1438AH*
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