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#174: Ruling on the Sand for Tayammum



“As salam alaykm, please in doing tayyamum, must one use the sand soil? Is the little dust on the ground in the room okay? Also is it okay to use rock especially by some one traveling”


Alhamdulillah, in the Qur’an Allah – ta’ala – said

((فتيمموا صعيدا طيبا))

“so make tayammum with pure So’īd”

The Ulama of Lugga differ about the meaning of ‘so’id’.

Some of them said: it means sand or dust, some said everything found naturally on the earth the sprouts from it with the exception of plants whether sand or stone or rock.

Based on this, the Fuqahaa differed.

Imaam Maalik and Ash-Shaafi’ said: it has to be sand or dust.

The verdict of Imaam Ash-Shaafi’ and Maalik is the soundest due to the Hadith:

التراب طهور المسلم إذا لم يجد الماء

Therefore, it doesnt matter where the dust or sand is. It could be by your doorstep, in your room, on the wall or on a rock. What matters is that it has to be sand or dust. Allaahu A’alam!

Imaam Abu Hanifah said:

“it is permisible to use anything that is attached to the earth whether sand, stone, dust or anything
“The earth is the purifying material of the Muslim as long as he doesn’t find water”

Transmitted and Recorded by Abu Daawud


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