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#213: Ruling on the Leader who Rules with Man-Made Laws



“Please what is the ruling of a leader who says he will ban an aspect which is commanded by ALLAH in Islam, please shed some light, barakallahu feekum

“If you ask them (about this),
they declare: ‘We were only
talking idly and joking.’ Say:
‘Was it at Allah, and His
Ayaat (proofs, evidences, verses,
lessons, signs, revelations, etc.)
and His Messenger (blessings and
peace of Allah be upon him) that
you were mocking?
Make no excuse; you have
disbelieved after you had believed.
If We pardon some of you, We
will punish others amongst you
because they were Mujrimoon
(disbelievers, polytheists, sinners,
criminals, etc.)”
[at-Tawbah 9:65-66].

please ya admin I need explanation on this blessed verse.”


Alhamdulillaah, we ask Allah to make us among the steadfast Muslims in the end times, aameen.

As regards the first part of the question which relates to a leader who intends to make a law to ban an aspect among the aspects of Allaah’s law, we say that Islam is a holistic Din that must be fully applied and observed in every situation to the best of one’s capability.

At a state level, it is obligatory that the Muslim community establishes the Law of Allah – the Shari’ah without question, as long as they have the ability to enforce it.

Inability to enforce it implies obligation to prepare and work towards its implementation. This is the way the things work in Islam. Incapacitating Weakness and incapacity are factors that lift away obligation from the Muslims but make it obligatory for them to struggle hard to free themselves of such weaknesses.

Therefore, Islam does not recognise any government that does not implement the Laws of Allaah as an Islamic government. Man-made Laws are completely anti-Islaam and in societies where man-made laws govern and where Muslims may be in a minority, what is expected of Muslims is to seek for means with which they could practice Islam as best as they can.

Therefore, to apply the ruling of Islam on such a leader that rules with man-made laws in the first place is questioning. That is because, the fact that the laws are man-made themselves does not make such a leader Islamic in the first place.

Any leader that intends to do such an act and works towards that does not deserve the support of the Muslims.

All in all, solutions in Islam are holistic and seek always to treat ailments from their causes. The cause here is that the system is anti-Islam and it is obligatory for Muslims to work hard, day and night, to implement and establish the Law of Allah in the nitty gritty of all affairs as best as they can.

The verse you referred to is the verse that speaks about the ruling of people that mock any aspect among the aspects of the Din of Allaah.
Whosoever makes a mockery of any aspect of Islam while knowing it to be an aspect of Islam falls out of the Din of Allaah and becomes a non-Muslim automatically. The Fuqahaa are at a consensus on this.

Baarakallaahu feekum.
Jazaakumullaahu khayran.



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