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#241: Ruling nn Muslim-Oriented Wedding Gowns and Groom Suites in Westernized Wedding Ceremonies


“A Brother posted a picture purporting to show a groom and his bride in her wedding gown, and some individuals – male and female – around them serving as the best-men and the bride-maids. Then he asked: “@All Could this be Islam?”



Generally, some Ulamaa would argue that if the people in that picture were indegenous europeans where this mode of conducting a Nikah is the tradition, there is nothing wrong in this arrangement of theirs, as long as there is no extravagance in it.

This is because Islam considers the validity of the tradition of a people as long as it does not contradict Islam; and wrong for every other Muslim who is not an indegenous European. For us, we hold that this will be wrong as a practice: whether or not they were indegenous europeans; and that is firstly due to the generality of the forbidance of emulating the Kuffaar.

In the Hadith transmitted by Imaam Ahmad in his Musnad and Imaam Abu Daawud in his Sunan from the Companion ‘Abdullah bn ‘Amr bn Al-‘Aas – radiyallaahu ‘anhu – the Rasul – salallaahu ‘alayhi wasallam – said:

(بعثت بين يدي الساعة بالسيف حتي يعبد الله وحده، وجعل رزقي تحت ظل رمحي، وجعل الذلة والصغار علي من خالف أمري، ومن تشبه بقوم فإنه منهم)

“I was sent just before the Hour (i.e. The Last Day) with the sword that Allah may be singled out in worship. My sustenance was placed under the shadows of my spear, and lowliness and despication was placed upon those who oppose me. And, whosoever emulates a people, then he is one of them”

And secondly because, this might be the european tradition, it contains much of distress and suffering that is against the precepts of Islam synthesized from the Hadith:

لا ضرر ولا ضرار

“There is neither (infliction of) harm (in the Din) nor should there be (infliction of) harm/distress (by anyone upon any other)”

Allaahu A’alam!
Baarakallaahu Feekum!


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