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#261: Ruling on Chat Emojis


Are Chat Emojis Same with Pictures?

“As-Salaamu ‘Alaykum ya Admin. May Allah bless your knowledge. I have asked a question earlier about the use of emogis but went offline thereafter so not sure if my question got a response. I will like to ask again if it is allowed in Islam to use emogis during conversations as some have likened it to use of pictures (including those with the facial expressions only)?”


Wa alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh

May Allah bless your knowledge too, āmīn.

With respect to the use of images in Chats (Emojicons), then it does not fall under the category of images that are not permissible to make or use. This is our understanding.

This is because broadly, the Ulamā differed on the Ruling of Digital Images generally when they are real. while majority of them allowed it, a few of them prohibited it except in places of need. There has been several questions posted to us regarding Pictures and we shall respond to them in detail Inshā Allāh later.

The Ulamā that prohibited Digital Images agree though that whenever such images are made to lose any of the features of the face for which it is seen as such, its prohibition is lifted. This is the position held by Shaykh Bin Bāz – rahimahullāh.

Emojicons, though represent eyes and mouth most times, do not reflect the nose for which the face is complete. This is if we go by the stricter of either positions.

But our understanding is that Digital Images do not have the same ruling as printed images. We ask Allāh to ease presenting a broad answer soon, āmīn

This is what is apparent to us in this matter.

However, women should not use emojicons when communicating with Non-Mahram men as this reflect their emotions and feelings. This could have its negative effects and open the gates of Fitnah. We ask Allah to save us from that. Āmīn

Allāh knows best
Bārakallāhu fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran

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