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“Salam alaykum warahmatullah my question is what did Allah or the prophet say about burying a decease in the home? Jazakumullah khayrn”


Wa alaykum Salaam Warahmatullaah Wabarakaatuh

Alhamdulillaah, Wa As-Salaatu Wa As-Salaamu Ala a Rasulillaah;

The Ulamaa differ slightly on the ruling of this.

The position held by the Hanafis is that it is highly disliked.

Imaam al-Kamaal Ibn Humaam – rahimahullaah – said in ‘Al-Fathu Al-Qadir’:

“Neither the young nor the old are to be buried in the house that they lived for that is specific to the Prophets. Instead, they should be taken to the graves of the Muslims.”

The Maalikis, the Shaafi’is and the Hanbalis consider it permissible to bury the dead in the house but preferably to bury it in the graveyard of the Muslims.

Imaam Ad-Dasuqi Al-Maaliki said in ‘Ash-Sharhu Al-Kabir’:

“Then it is permissible to bury him in the house as was stated by Al-Mawwaaq, though what is best is the graveyard of the Muslims.”

Imaam An-Nawawi – rahimahullaah said in ‘Al-Majmu’:

“It is permissible to bury in the house and in the grave but in the grave is better by the consensus of the Fuqahaa.”

Ash-Sharbini Ash-Shaafi’i – rahimahullaah – said in ‘Al-Mughni’:

“Al-Adhra’i said: except that if there is a need or a necessity…despite the fact that what is dominant is that it is not the best and not a Makruh (disliked).”ـ

Imaam Ibn Qudaamah Al-Hanbali – rahimahullaah – mentioned in ‘Al-Mughni’:

“And to bury in the graveyard of the Muslims was more preferred by Abu Abdillah than to bury in the houses.”

The position of the Hanafis is what is closer to the truth established by evidence.

Allaahu A’alam
Baarakallaahu feekum
Jazaakumullaahu khayran.


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