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#293: Is Tayyib among the Names of Allah


Is Toyyib among the name of Allaah if so, will it have abdul in its front


The scholars have differed regarding whether the name Tayyib is a name or an attribute.

In the hadith of Abu Hurayrah transmitted by Imam Muslim;

Verily, Allah is pure and He does not accept except what is pure….

The sheikh Uthaymin rahimahullah said,

This hadith shows that Tayyib is from the names of Allah. And what this means is, it exonerates Allah from any form of blemish or defects. He is pure in His essence, pure in His names (i.e. His names are all pure), He is pure in His attributes, pure in His rulings, pure in His actions, pure in anything that emanates from Him. Sharh of arbaeen an nawawi, 165.

However, Qaadi Iyaadh in the sharh of Muslim 7/100 and Ibn Qayyim in salaah Wa hukmu taarikiha 214-215. Say that the name Tayyib rather points to an attribute rather than a name. And that there is no pointer in the hadith of Abu Hurayrah that shows that it is a name of Allah.

What is clear to us is that the name Tayyib refers to an attribute than a name of Allah Ta’aala. This is because, even the descriptions made by the scholars in support of it being a name points to the fact that it is an attribute rather than a name.

And the strongest sign that shows this, is that it is used to describe all that relates to Allah, His essence, actions, names, rulings and all that relates to Him Ta’aala.

Thus, it won’t be correct to add Abdul in front of the name Tayyib.

And Allah knows best.

And Allah knows best.

Jazaakumullahu khairan!
Baarakallahu feekum!

18th Ramadan 1438A.H



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