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#298: Ruling on Tarāwīh and Qiyāmul Layl


As-Salaamu Alaykum . Please Admin help us with this question:

Can one perform tarāwīh and also perform qiyaamu layl. Pls we need thorough explanation. Jazakallaahu khayran.


Qiyamil layl referes to the night prayer generally. Thus, the prayer that one observes in the night which begins from after the salatul Maghreb can be refered to as qiyamul layl. (sheikh suleiman Al Ulwan). So based on this definition, the salah observed in the nights of Ramadan is also referred to as qiyamul layl. It is only called tarawhi because the salaf used to observe rest after every two units because of the lengthy recitation they used to engage in.

Secondly, the rasul alaihi salam has not placed a limit to the amount of rakah one should observe in Ramadan or in other months that are not Ramadan.

This is because of the statement of rasul alaihi salam to the one that came asking him about the night prayer: and he alaihi salam said:

Prayers at night are to be offered two by two (two rak’ahs at a time). If any of you fears that the time of dawn is approaching then let him pray one rak’ah as Witr.” Bukhari and Muslim

So if you prayer with one imam and wish to pray further in the night, then you are allowed to do so because there is no text that prevents you from doing that.

The sheikh Ibn Baaz rahimahullah said regarding the hadith narrated from ‘Aa’ishah radiallahu anha that the Prophet alaihi salam used to pray two rak’ahs after Witr sitting down.

The reason for that – and Allaah knows best – was to show the people that it is permissible to pray after Witr. Majmoo Fataawa Ibn Baaz 11/311

(Please also refer to our previous answer on tarawhi for more explanation).

And Allah knows best

Jazaakumullahu khairan!
Baarakallahu feekum!

Answered by Abu Hafs

20th Ramadan 1438A.H



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