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#317: Ruling on using the Niqāb in a House that contains Non-Mahram Relatives


“Assalamu Alaykum Jazakumullahu khayran to the mallams and the students in this noble group. My question is what advice can be given to a sister who wants to start using the niqob for the sake of Allah but is confused that she might not use it well because she lives in a family house together with her cousins who are not her mahrams but would see her face since they live together.”


Wa alaykum Salam Warahmatullaah Wabarakaatuh

May Allah reward and answer your du’ā, all of it.

To such a sister, we pray for her that Allah grants her steadfastness and that she attains the lofty status of greatness, excellence and purity that the women of the Salaf attained through their use of the Niqāb, their chastity and their piety, āmīn.

As for our advice, we advise her to not waste any more time in this regard. She should pick it up and begin to use it and she should not feel that the seeming restrictions that she fears of `not using it well because she lives in a family house together with her cousins’ are enough to disaude her from its use. If she is sincere in her intention to its use, Allah will surely guide her through and make its compliance easy for her.

Then she should try as hard as she can to observe the Niqāb in such a way that those cousins of hers too are restricted in their seeing of her just as the Non-Mahram outsiders are restricted. Once she puts in her best, Allah – ta’ālā – will see her through it.

We ask Allah for steadfastness and determination for us and for you, amin

Answered by Abu Aasim

13th Dhul Qa’adah 1438A.H

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran

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