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#341: The Sunnah Way of Nikāh

“As-Salaamu Alaykum. Pls can any 1 tell me d sunnatic way of how a wedding faithia should be?
Bcoz some sister dat covers even b4 dere wedding do uncover their self on wedding day, how can we stop dis and do nikkah in a proper way.”



Firstly, we apologise for not responding to your question on time, may Allāh forgive us and you for our laxity in giving preference to the Din of Allāh over our personal pursuits, Āmīn.

As for the way Nikaah is to be observed in Islam, it should be realised that in Nikaah, there are its conditions (shurut), its furud (obligatory acts), its fadaa’il (recommended acts), and its mubaahaat (permissible acts).

The Fuqahaa are at a consensus that the conditions (shurut) are:

1. the consent of the Wali (the leading male member(s) of the bride’s family). The Hanafis disagree with this and the evidences are against them.

2. The Offer and Acceptance.

3. The Sadaaq. The Malik is consider this among the waajibaat and not the shurut.

4. The trusted witnesses.

As for the Waajibaat, then the majority of the Fuqahaa hold that among the waajibaat is the want and consent of the bride and the groom, with a little difference of opinion among the Maalikis.

As for the fadaa’il they include the establishment of Walimah, preparing the bride for the wedding night, the prayers and invocations (adhkaar) that are made on the wedding night, etc.

As for the mubaahaat, then it includes entertainment for females, and what is done in some traditions of reciting wise poetry that do not contain muharramaat (forbidden acts).

As a rule, anything that is organized in the marriage that is not haram, in which there is no wastage of time or resources nor can cause distress for either bride or groom or both of them or their families, is permissible.

Regarding the unveiling of the face of the bride, if her face is displayed in the midst of Muslim women or to those who are legally permissible to see her face unveiled among the men, then there is nothing wrong with that.
If the covering to which you refer here is the hijaab, then it makes it worse. We ask Allaah for His assistance.

Indeed, numerous innovations and muharramaat have crept into our wedding ceremonies today, we ask Allāh to guide us and the entire Muslim Ummah, Āmīn.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran

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