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” Does one who isn’t capable need to pay zakat? Like he even had to borrow for sallah meal. There is a family here that use to, but this year they don’t have and can’t give zakat but one of the children of the Man said he has 150 naira to buy guinea corn to do his alone so he went ahead.”


Alhandulillaah Wa As-Salaatu Wa As-Salaamu Alaa Rasulillaah

Zakaatu Al-Fitr is obligatory upon everyone who has enough to feed himself and his family and still has extra over that. This is because the Rasul – salallaahu alayhi was allam – made it obligatory upon every Muslim male, female, young, old, free or slave as it has come in the Hadith of Abdullah Ibn Umar – radiyallaahu anhuma – and recorded in the Sahihayn.

If however the family referred to doesn’t not have sufficient to feed themselves on the day of Eid  and still possess extra after that, then Zakaatu Al-Fitr is not obligatory upon them.

Therefore, in the case described, the family has no sufficiency to feed itself on the day of Eid and therefore does not have to bear the burden of Zakaatu Al-Fitr.

Baarakallaahi feekum
Jazaakumullaahu khayran.


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