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“@admin, pls which of this is correct

  •  AstaghfiruLLah Wa Atubu Ileihi or
  • WastaghfiruLLAH Thuma Atubu Ileihi as in Suratul HUD, Ayat number 90″



There is nothing strict and tight about this, whichever is said is accounted for and a sound way of seeking Allah’s forgiveness as long as one is sincere in the supplication.

The verse to which you referred does not in any way restrict the phrasing to that. Instead, it is Allah’s narrating to us verbatim the wording of the Prophet when he commanded.

What you have described is similar to the matter discussed by the Qurra’a on saying the Isti’aadhah before the recitation. Must it be ‘A’uthubillahi Mina Ash-Shaytaani Ar-Rajim’ simply or one may add to that?

Imaam Qaasim Ar-Ru’aybi Ash-Shaatibi – rahimahullaah – judged the matter in the famous ‘Ash-Shaatibiyyah’ saying:

وقد ذكروا لفظ الرسول فلم يزد ولو صح هذا النقل لم يبق مجملا

“And they mentioned the wording of the Messenger in which he didn’t add to that;

And had this narration been Sahih it would have not been decisive”

What he means is that if it were authentically reported that that was the way he did it, then it wouldn’t have still been a prevention to not do it otherwise.

May Allah make us among those that do a lot of istighfaar.

Allaahu A’alam

Baarakallaahu feekum

Jazaakumullaahu khayran.


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