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#901: Advice To A Brother Who Fears That A Mosque He Built Is Made Obsolete After His Death By His Non-Muslim Wife

“Assalamu alaykum, A brother seek for advice on the below….. Assalamu Alaikum. Pls allow me to explain myself b4 my question. Am married to xtian and has children for me over 15yrs ago. Alhamudullahi my children follow my religion while my wife refused to follow my religion. My worry is this in my compound I built a mosque to serve my community where children receive Quranic education and daily sallats is also observe here. Almighty has our life, if I die b4 my wife how can d daily activities in d mosque be maintained? What’s my faith in God? Pls advise me d way forward either to go for Muslim lady to marry. Pls what’s going to be implications of my action?”


Wa Alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh.


May Allāh bless you and your home, amīn.

As for this, there is no guarantee that after you pass, your wife will not take the kind of move that you fear. The mere fact that you have this fear after 15 years of marriage is proof that you do not trust her disposition toward the Dīn and she may have displayed some form of resistance or hostility to the Dīn.

That said, our advice to you go as follows:

1. Ensure that the Dīn of your children is sound and strong. Fortify them with soundness of the Dīn and the Right Creed. This is because though as you have said, they follow your Dīn, the fact that their mother is not a Muslim, the risk of weakness in Dīn or backtracking exists, ensure to cement that aspect effectively, may Allāh make it easy, amīn

2. If the Compound is your wealth, you may find a Legal means to permanently transfer ownership of the building of the Masjid and the land it occupies to the Muslim Community that benefits from it. Once the ownership has been transferred and this is known to everyone, the risk that you fear is by so doing averted inshā Allāh.

If then there is no way to separate the Masjid from the entire Compound in such a way that you transfer ownership of the Masjid to the community while leaving the rest of the Compound to your Family’s ownership, then you may consider giving the entire Compound, as a Will to the Muslim Community if you can.

If you cannot, then if you have of your Children those who are strong in the Dīn then they can hold off the possible risk that you fear.

3. As for marrying Muslimah, it is recommended if in the doing of that will be the needed balance that you require. But Divorcing your current wife isn’t necessary provided the measures we referred to above are met. But if all these measures are not feasible or are not sufficient to avert the risk that you envisage then divorce her as soon as you can. May Allāh illumine your heart and soul, amīn.

This is our advice on this matter.

The question seem to be a fowarded message. It is our request from whosoever sent this question to us that he/she helps to feed back the Brother with this advice. And from Allāh comes help.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazakumullāhu Khayran

Abū Āsim

16th Jumadal Ūla, 1441AH

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