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#917: On Dermal Fillers

“Assalamu Alaikum. Please as a health writer is it permissible for me to write on the topic dermal fillers? Its all about filling the areas of the face with some contents.its a surgical procedure that doesn’t involve going under the knife but am still skeptical and need clarifications”


Wa Alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh

Dermal Fillers are a form of Injectible soft tissues that are Cosmetic and are Injected into the skin to help fill wrinkles. It has been said that it’s impact is temporary and may last six months or more but since the body later absorbs these tissues, they are completely temporal.

Are there any side effects?

Some said there are if not properly done.

What is the severity of these side effects?

Common effects are simply redness and some bruises, and rarely infections and lumps.

What then is the Hukm of Islām on this?

Some of the Scholars of Today have considered it permissible while others disagreed.

As for those that see it Permissible, they referred to the Precept that every harm is to be removed provided it doesn’t become permanent. They therefore likened this to the use of Henna and it’s likes among the things that beautify and do not change the creation of Allāh.

This is the Fatwah given by Dār Al-Iftā of Egypt. Except that they prefix this Permissibility on the purity of the substances that are used on this procedure.

The position held by other Ulamā is that this is Harām without reservations. They argue that this is an emulation of the Kāfir West who are not satisfied with the Creation of Allāh in them and want to change the creation of Allāh.

This is very apparent. It is clear that ageing is a Sunnah and a Creation of Allāh attempting to reverse this Sunnah is an attempt to change the Creation of Allāh and to deceive people of your age.

What is the wisdom in the doing of that?

Scientists say that from age 25, the body begin to lose collagen and elastin which are said to be responsible for the youthful look. Then, on a yearly basis, 2% of it is lost. And the body stops producing it by the late 20s.

Ok, this degradation is a Sunnah of Allāh, and Old age is a Warner among the Warners of Allah. A bid to change this and appear to look younger is an apparent discontentment with the Creation of Allāh.

And for this reason, we advise that any Muslim seeking this should avoid and desist from it.

As for Writing about this Topic and educating people about it, there is nothing wrong as we have said, provided it doesn’t go to declare it’s Permissibility and Allāh knows best.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum

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