Advice to a Muslim Brother on Memorizationon

Abū ‘Āsim, An-Nidā Publications

أعوذ بالله من الشيطان الرجيم

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

إن الحمد لله نحمده ونستغفره ونتوب إليه ونعوذ بالله من شرور أنفسنا ومن سيئات أعمالنا من يهد الله فلا مضل له ومن يضلل فلن تجد له وليا مرشدا

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته

My Brother, you have requested me to put into writing something which may aid in memorization and the things which you may put in mind as an introduction to your beginning of memorization, and there is nothing that delayed me but the littleness of my preparation and the emptiness of my knowledge. It is exactly like what our Imam and Master, Shaykh Abdullah Ibn Fodio said in his excellent book “Diya’u As-Siyasat, Fatwah An-Nawazil”.

((فتأخرت عن ذالك ورأيته مشقة كبرى، وصرت أقدم رجلا وأؤخر أخرى لكثرة غفلتي وجهني وضعف بدني وبالي وكثرة اشغلى مع أن كل ناصح في هذا الزمان متعرض لحظ وخائف من الحساد كل بأس وشر فهو كقابض أو جالس على جمرة لإنقراض العلماء وغلبة الجهل والأهواء وارتحال العلم عن الصرور إلى الجلود السملور وتغير الزمان والأحوال حتى صار عليه أقفال على أقفال لأجل تحكيم الجهال وادعاء كل منهم علم ما ليس يعلم وصار كل منهم يقاتل عن خطئه وجهله الذي يراه علما بنفسه وجماعته ظلما. وينفق على ذالك من ماله ودينه وعرضه ما يثبت له حكما حتى لا تكاد تجد مقرا بخطئه وفصوره ولا راجعا إلى الصواب…))

“So I delayed in that and I considered it a difficult task and I began putting a slap forward and another backward due to the manyness of my negligence and my ignorance and the weakness of my body and my means and the bulkiness of my occupation added to the fact that every rectifier in this era is exposed to the danger and is cautious of the envious people, every evil and stornity, for he is like the one who is holding unto or sitting on hot coal, due to the absence of Ulama and the supremacy of ignorance and pissions and the transfer of Ilm from the breasts (hearts) into the scrolls and the pages of books and the changing of the time and situations until it became like caravan over caravan due to the rulership of the ignorant ones and the claiming of everyone among them the knowledge of what he does not know and everyone among them began to fight in defence of his mistake and his ignorance which he considers as knowledge for himself  and his Jama’ah wrongly and he spends on that his wealth and his Din and his honor that with which his dominion is established until you will almost not find a single person who admits to his errors and his deficiencies and who returns to the right…”

O Imam! That is of your time but what should we of this time say concerning the same problems we are facing?

And because I know that I am not of the Fursan Al-Ilm, and glad tidings are for the person who realise his true level and restricts himself to it.

In whichever situation here comes my writing, by Allah’s will and leave, in response and fufilment of a promise, hoping that by it I would have transmitted a knowledge and forwarded it to you and to whosoever comes across this writing, who knows probably Allah will shower upon it His blessings.

And I title it; “The Preparation of the Possessor of Determination for the Involvement in the science of Memorization”

Hoping that Allah will benefit me and you by it, Amin.

Know it, O Brother, may Allah be merciful to us, that the knowledge which is considered is the knowledge which is memorized. This is why the students of Mauritania used to encourage themselves to learn from the night – time Ulama and not the day time Ulama. The Day – time Ulama are those who require light to access their knowledge which are found in the Books; the Night – Time Ulama are the Ulama whose knowledge are in their memory and as such they do not require any light to access their knowledge.

It was said that Imam Ghazali was sent to some areas of Khurasan as an Alim by the Mudir and Wazir of Madrasatu An-Nizamiyyah in his time so as to access some of the libraries over there and copy what was there for the Madrasah. Without a waste of time and a delay, he, Alayhi Rahmatullah, hastened there and spent 2years transcribing and copying the books. On his return journey back to Baghdad, it is said that he was way-laid by armed – robbers and they were about to take his copies; he pleaded with them and told them they would have gone with his knowledge if they had taken away his books, they laughed at him saying, “Which type of knowledge is that which is found in Books” or something similar to that. Imam Ghazali said, from then I realized that Allah Ta’ala, wanted me to learn to store my knowledge by heart.

My Brother! This is the reason for which the Ulama of the past do not teach the Mutun (Introductory texts) of aby of the Ulum to students until they had memorized them. And this is the Methodology encouraged by our Shaykh and Mentor, Al-Haddushi, may Allah release him from the prisons, in his illustrious book “Kayfa Tatlub Al-Ilm”.

To Allah we complain the pathetic situation of our time and the strangeness of the Din, to the extent that our Parents have wasted the prime of our youths in the evil schools of the West in the pursuit of nothingness. O Allah forgive us our sins. Thus, our community has lacked Ulama and we have remained in darkness of ignorance and misguidance!!!

Shaykh Abdulqadir bn AbdulAziz said;

((إعلم أن العلم المعتبر هو المحفوظ، وقد كانت عناية السلف رحمهم الله بالحفظ تامة خاصة قبل شيوخ كتابة العلم كما ذكرنا من قبل، ثم أخذوا في الكتابة منذ أوائل القرن الثاني الهجري لأجل تقييد المحفوظ ومراجعته، وظل الحفظ هو الأصل))

“Know that the knowledge which is considered is the one which is committed to memory and the emphasis of the Salaf, upon them, be the Mercies of Allah, was completely on Hifdh especially before the commonness of writing down knowledge as we have mentioned before, then they began to make writing right from the beginning of the 2nd century Hijrah for the purpose of perfecting what was memorized and repeating it whereas the Hifdh remained the original”

From his book, “Al-Jami’ Fi Talab Al-Ilm Ash-Sharif” Vol 1.

About this Ummah and the Qur’an, Allah Ta’ala said in Suratu Al-Ankabut: 49

 العنكبوت 49((بل هو آيات بينات في صدور الذين أوتوا العلم، وما يجحد بآياتنا إلا الظالمون))

“They are but clear verses preserved in the breasts of the People who are given Knowledge, and no one denies our Ayat but the Wrongdoers.”

May Allah Ta’ala make us to be among them and may He uplift us with His Book.

The Rasul, SAW said:

((إن الله يرفع بهذا الكتاب أقواما ويضع به آخرين))

            “Indeed Allah elevates a people with this Book and de-elevates by it others.” Muslim

((يقال لصاحب القرآن: اقرأ وارتق، كما كنت ترتل في الدنيا، فإن منزلك عند آخر آية تقرؤها))

“It will be said to the Companion of the Qur’an, ‘recite and rise up’ and recite like you used to recite in the Dunya for indeed your abode is at the last verse that you recite.” Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi (Sahih)

And in the Hadith narrated by Imam Bukhari on behalf of Jabir bn Abdullah, Radiyallahu Anhu, that the Rasul SAW said regarding the Martyrs of Uhud, Ridwanullahi Alayhim,

((أي هؤلاء أكثر أخذا للقرءان؟ فإن أشير له إلى رجل قدمه في اللحد قبل صاحبه))

“Which of these Companions memorized more of the Qur’an, then when he is directed to any of them having memorized more, he is placed first into the Lahd (Grave) before his Companion.”

This shows the level of the Memorizers of the Qur’an in the sight of Allah Beloved Brother! I cannot begin to explain the reward and greatness of memorizing the sciences of the Shari’ah in this little treatise for that is beyond my capability. It suffices that I mention to you the statement of Imam Al-Mawardi Alayhi Rahmatullah:

((وربما استثقل المتعلم الدرس والحفظ واكتل بعد فهم العاني، على الرجوع إلى الكتب والمطالعة فيها عند الحاجة، ولا يكون إلا كمن أطلق ماصاده ثقة بالقدرة عليه، بعد الإمتناع منه، فلا تعقبه الثقة إلا خجلا، والتفريط إلا ندما – إلى أن قال – والعرب تقول يا أمثالها حرف في قلبك، خير من ألف في كتبك، وقالو: لا خير في علم لا يغير معك الوادي، ولا يعمر بك النادي، وأنشدت على الربيع للشافعي رضي الله عنه:

علمي معي حيثما يممت يتبعني قلبي وعاء له بعلن صندوق إن كنت في البيت كان العلم فيه أو كنت في السوق كان العلم في السوق)) أدب الدنيا والدين

“And at times the learner feels burdened by studying and memorizing and he laxes after understanding some meanings, sufficing with returning to the books and reading in them when need arises and then he would not be but like the one who leaves what he needs feeling certain that he is able to do without it after his lacking of it, then he gets nothing from his certainty but shame, and his laxity but regret – uptill his saying – and the Arabs used to say about its like that an alphabet in your heart is better than a thousand in your books, and they said, there is no good in a knowledge that does not navigate the valleys together with you and which does not live together with you in your  speeches. And it was recited from Ar-Rabi’ that Shafi’i, Radiyallahu Anhu said:

            “My knowledge is with me, wherever I go it follows me

My heart is a container for it not the chest of boxes

If I am in the house the knowledge is with me

Or if I am in the market the knowledge is in the market.”

Adabu Ad-Dunya Wa Ad-Din; Pg 65

If this has become clear to you my brother, then it becomes clear to you that the knowledge which is memorized and practicalized is the true one.

What are the things that aid in memorization?

  1. Continuous Repetition until it is Memorized.

Imam Abu Al-Faraj Ibn Al-Jawzi, may Allah be merciful to him, said:

((بيان طريق أحكام المحفوظ: الطريق في إحكامه كثرة الإعادة والناس يتفاوتون في ذالك، فمنهم من يثبت معه المحفوظ مع قلة التكرار ومنهم لا بحفظ إلا بعد التكرار الكثير. فينبغي للإنسان أن يعيد بعد الحفظ ليثبت معه المحفوظ وقد قال النبي صلي الله عليه وسلم، ((تعاهدواْ القرآن فإنه أنشد تقصيما من صدور الرجال من النعم من عقلها)) وكان أبو جفص الشيرازي يعيد الدرسا مائة مرة وكان الكيا يعيد سبعين مرة، وقال لنا الحسن بن أبي بكر النيسابوري الفقيه لايحصل الحفظ إلا حتى يعاد خمسين مرة)) الحث على حفظ العلم ص 21

“Explaining the way of perfecting what is memorized: The way to perfect it is a lot of repetition, and the people vary with respect to that, among them are those whose memorization is perfected with little repetition while some do not get their memory perfected unless with a lot of repetition. Thus it is necessary for a person to repeat after his memorization so that his memory becomes perfected as such for the Prophet SAW said; “Always recite the Qur’an for it slips more out the breasts of men than the camel leaves its headband” And Abu Hafs Ash-Shirazi used to repeat the lesson a hundred times and Al-Kaya used to repeat it 70 times, while Al-Hasan bn AbiBakr An-Naysaburi the Faqih said to us; “Memorization does not occur until it has been repeated 50 times.”

Al-Hath Ala Hifdhi AL-Ilm; Pg 21

My Brother; you must have noticed that this is the best form of emphasizing what has been memorized. This is the reason for which children are made to repeat for long whatever their teachers want them to memorize. So do not play with this method for it is highly important and easy to go by!

  1. Memorizing in Bits and in Stages.

This helps a lot wherever one memorizes things in stages. The Ulama explained that this was one of the major reasons for which the Qur’an was revealed in bits and not at once.

Allah Ta’ala said:

 الفرقان 32((و قال الذين كفروا لولا نزل عليه القرآن جملة واحدة، كذالك لنثبت به فؤلدك، ورتلناه ترتيلا))

“And they said, why is the Qur’an not sent down to him at once; it is as such (revealed in bits) that We may strengthen thereby your heart and we may recite it in bits”

And that is so that it is easy for the companions to memorize. Al-Furqan: 32

Thus, concentrate on the Juz’u Amma first, make it the recitation of your Salat and the repetitions of your sitting times, repeat it and memorize it. Or that for a period before you move to another 20Hizb and continue like that until Allah makes it easy for your memory to contain.

  1. Understanding what is been memorized.

An understanding and a comprehension of what is to be memorized makes it easier to commit it to memory due to a lot of reasons. So try hard to comprehend the meaning of what you are about to memorize, you will be praiseworthy.

  1. Picking a Good Time for the memorization;

What used to be advised by the expert Ulama is for a person to select the times which he is energetic, lively and active for his memorization. For indeed, the heart which is bored and the limbs with are tired may not welcome the memorization into the brain as the traffic around the brain will be much. This implies that you should not be too hard on yourself in your sitting down to memorize.

This is why Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi said:

((اعلم أن الحفظ ساعات ينبغي لمن أراد الحفظ أن يراعيها والحفظ أماكن ينبغي المتحفظ أن يلزمها فأجود ألأوقلت الأسحار، ثم بعد وقت انتصاف النهار وبعدها الغدوات دون العشيان، وحفظ الليل أصلح من حفظ النهار، وقيل لبعدهم: بما أدركت العلم؟ قال: بالمصباح والجلوس إلي الصباح – إلي أن قال – وأجود أماكن الحفظ الغرف دون السفل، وكل موضع بعيدما يلهي وخلا القلب فيه مما يفزعه فيشغله أو يغلب عليه فيمنعه وليس بالمحمود أن يتحفظ الرجل بحضرة النبات والحضرة ولا على شطوط الأنهار ولا على قوارع الطرق فليس يعدم في هذه المواضع غالبا ما يمنع من هلو القلوب وصفاء السر. وأوقات الجوع أحمد للتحفظ من أوقات الشبع، وينبغي للمتحفظ أن يتفقد من نفسه حال الجوع فإن بعض الناس إذا أصابه شدة الجوع والتهابه لم يحفظ، فليطفئ ذالك بالشئ الخفيف اليسير كمصر الزمان وما أشبه ذالك ولا يكثر الأكل. ثم روى حدبث (ما هلأ آدمي وعاء شرا من بطنه، حسب ابن آدم أكلات يقمن صلبه فإن كان لا محالة فثلثا طعاما وثلثا شرابا وثلثا لنفسه)) الفقهية والمتفقه 104-103))

“Know that memorization has its hours and periods which it is necessary for one who wants to memorize to pay attention to, and memorization has its places where the one who memorizes supposed to stick to, thus the best of times is the pre-dawn and then after the passage of midday, and after that the morning periods and not the night times (dusk times); and the night memorization is better that the memorization of daytime, and it was said to one of them (the scholars): By what did you acquire knowledge? He said, “with the lamp and sitting down till dawn” – until He, Khatib Al-Baghdadi said – And the best of places for the memorization is a room and not general places and every place which is distant from what distracts and disturbs the heart and which draws it and busies it or overcomes it and prevents it. And it is not praise-worthy that a man memorizes in the presence of plants & vegetables, nor on the busy places of the day or on the sides of the streets for in these places there hardly the absence of what prevents what disturbs the heart and contaminates the solace. And then, the times of hunger are better than the times of satisfaction, and it is necessary that the one who is memorizing should not be inattentive to his situation of hunger because some people if some severity of hunger befalls them and emptiness they cannot memorize anything. He should quench that with something light and small like few pomegranates on something like that and he should eat much. The Al-Khatib narrated with his Isnad that the Rasul SAW said; “There is no vessel that the Son of Adam fills that is worse that his stomach, it satisfies the Son of Adam some few morsels with which his back may be straight, but if he has to add beyond that, then 1/3 for food, 1/3 for drink, and 1/3 for his breathe.”

“Al-Faqih Wa Al-Mutafaqqih: 2/103-104.

Beloved Brother! Follow the advises of Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi for he is an Imam in Hifdh and how many a people have succeeded in their Hifdh due to their sticking to the advices of the Imam. Be steadfast, may Allah be merciful, do not allow the stains of the corrupt time corrupt your heart, fix times for yourself and allow the people of the Dunya go with their Dunya in waste and destruction.

Try to comprehend the class you belong for there are 4 classes of people with respects to Hifdh:

  • Those who are swift in reception but poor in retention
  • Those who are poor in reception but excellent in retention
  • Those who are poor in reception and also poor in retention
  • Those who are swift in reception and also excellent in retention

Thank Allah in whichever class you fall, for each of them are a blessing.

If you belong to the first, then you will have to make a lot of Muraja’a (revision) and make sure you are always close to what you have memorized otherwise your fast and quick reception will not save you and benefit you. Know O Brother! That majority of those who these societies refer to as intelligent are of this class as the system of education measures in this regard.

If you are of the second class, then you must learn to be patient in your memorization and you must keep tight at the times you have fixed for your memorization exercise.

As for the third group, your work will be more, and you must combine both the efforts of the 1st and the second. Don’t you know, think straight, the rewards of the person in this regard is more than any of the others definitely. But due to our laziness it is better to pray not to belong to this group. May Allah assist us and make our affairs easy.

And then if you are of the fourth group then show gratitude to Allah concerning that and do not play with it, recalling that Allah will ask us about that which He has bestowed upon us.

O Brother! Beware also that you are capable of excelling to any of the classes as you wish with practice, hard work and seriousness.

When you have realized the reality of where you belong, be strong and serious, do what you have to do and do not lax, may Allah grant us His compliance. Aamin, Aamin, Aamin.

  1. Muraaja’a;

My Brother, there must be a lot of repetitions, revisions and rehearsals, even for the one whose retention is excellent. This is because Allah Ta’ala when He made the revelation to the Rasul SAW, He commanded him to make Muraaja’a of it for the sake of its perfection and mastery.

Imam Ibn Adiyy mentioned in “Al-Kamil Fi Ad-Du’afa” 1/59 that Imam Az-Zuhri, may Allah be merciful to him said,

((إنما يذهب العلم النسيان وقلة الذاكرة))

“Indeed what takes away knowledge is forgetfulness and littleness of revision”

And how true is his statement, so hasten in that and do not be among the heedless ones.

  1. By Writing

Writing down what is memorized is an excellent way of affirming what is memorized for it helps the memory in its affirmation. This the reason for which children in the Kuttab are usually asked to use the Law’h for writing what they have memorized.

You must have a Law’h or a Book in which you write down what you memorize otherwise your memory will be weak. This is the same, whether it is the Qur’an or hadith, or any of the Mutun.

Another method is to recite it to each other among students, thus they will assist one another in that regard.

  1. Another method is to teach it to others, Imam Khalil bn Ahmad, may Allah be merciful to him, said:

((اجعل تعليمك دراسة لك، واجعل مناظرة العلم تتبيها بما ليس عندك، واكثر من العلم لتعلم، واقلل منه لتحفظ))

جامع بيان العلم 1/130

“Make your lessons as a studies for yourself, and make your debate of knowledge a caution to what you do not know, and increase your knowledge that you may learn more and reduce in it that you may memorize” Jami’ Bayanu Al-Ilmi Wa Fadlihi 1/30

My Brother! By practicalizing what you memorize, you perfect your memory. It is a very effective methodology by experience. Imam Waki’i the teacher of Imam Shafi’i, Rahimahullah, used to say:

جامع بيان العلم وفضله 2/132 ((كنا نستعين على حفظ الحديث بالعلم به، وكنا نستتعين على طلبه بالصوم))

“We used to take as assistance in our Hifdh of the Hadith, working by it and we used to aid ourselves in its search by fasting.” Jami’ Bayanu Al-Ilmi Wa Fadlihi 2/132

  1. Avoidance of Sins.

By Allah my Brother, the doing of sins is one of the worst things that destroy one’s memory. Why do you think the Ulama of this era are destroyed and they call to error and misguidance, Allah Ta’ala told us in the Qur’an:

المائدة: 13((فبما نقضهم ميثلقهم لعناهم وجعلنا قلوبهم قاسية يحرفون الكلم عن مواضعه ونسوا حظا مما ذكروا به..))

“And due to their violation of the pacts. We cursed them and made their hearts hardened, they turn the statements from its rightful place and forget a large portion of what they were admonished with.” Al-Ma’idah: 13

So do not allow yourself to get stuck in sins.

Imamu Muhammad bn Idris Ash-Shafi’i, رحمه الله said:

شكوت إإلى وكيع سوء حفظي

                                                                    فأرشدني إلى ترك المعاصي

وقال اعلم أن هذا العلم نورا

ونور الله لا يلقى لعاصي

“I complained to Waki’ the problem of my memorization

So he guided me to the abandonment of sins

And he said, know that this knowledge is a light

And the light of Allah is not bestowed upon the Sinner”

This was quoted by Imam Ibn Al-Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah, رحمه الله, in his Majestic to it if you wish to know the effects of sins.

And since the knowledge of Allah is a Nur, Allah Ta’ala said;

((يا أيها الذين آمنوا اتقوا الله وآمنوا برسوله يؤتكم كفلين من رحمته ويجعل لكم نورا تمشون به ويغفر لكم والله غفور الرحيم))

الحديد: 28

“O you who believe, fear Allah and believe in His Messenger, He will give you two-fold His Mercy and bestow light with which you walk upon you and he will forgive you, and Allah is the One that forgives, the Merciful” Al-Hadid: 28

It is clear from the verse that this Nur is given to the one who fears Allah and the one who believes in His Messenger SAW.

The fear of Allah, as the Ulama explain is for Allah never to see you at the place He (عز وجل) commanded you to be. And this is what He, تعالى, said elsewhere in the Qur’an,

((إنما يخشى الله من عباده العلماء))

“Indeed those who fear Allah among Hos Servants are the Ulama”

Thus you cannot fear Allah unless you are Alim and you cannot be Alim without been fearful of Allah ((تعالى)), and this is why those who possess theoretical knowledge without piety (fear of Allah) are regarded as ((نقلاء)) “Quoters” and not ((علماء)) “Ulama” by the People of Ilm. So ponder over that for through this gate many of our era has been lost.

As for believing in the Messenger صلى الله عليه وسلم, then you have already learnt its meaning from what Imam Muhammad bn AbdulWahhab رحمه الله, mentioned in ((أصول الثلاثة)) “Usulu Ath-Thalatha” that it is:

((طاعته فيما أمر، وتصديقه فيما أخبر واجتناب ما نهى عنه وزجر))

“Obeying him in what he commanded, bearing as truth what he tells, and avoiding what

He صلى الله عليه وسلم forbade from and prohibited”

So when you have realized this, then you’ll know the one who Allah gives His Nur to.

The Companion of the Rasul صلى الله عليه وسلم, who is among the Mufassirun of the Companions, Our Master, Abdullah bn Mas’ud رضي الله عنه, said:

جامع بيان العلم وفضله ج 2 ص 5((إني لأحسب الرجل ينسي العلم بالخطيئة يعلمها، وإن العلم من يخشى الله))

“I consider a man’s forgetting of knowledge as caused by some sins he committed and the Alim is the One who fears Allah”. Jami Bayani Al-Ilmi Wa Fadlihi 2/5

Struggle against your soul and do not allow the stains of the shaytan to tie you down to the Dunya and make you forget the lessons. He is a fool, the one who gets deceived and carried away by the foolishness and stupidity of the Muflisin (Wasters) of today who have expanded their lives in other than the Path of Allah. Do not follow them in their Path and remember the standing before Allah تعالى on the Day of Qiyamah, Imam Ahmad bn Hanbal رحمه الله, used to say:

((كل شئ يكتب حتى عنان المريض))

“Everything is written down, even the groans of the Ill one”

  1. Finally, engage in a lot of du’a and ask Allah Ta’ala in his infinite Mercies to assist you in the memorization.

Imamu As-Suyuti رحمه الله mentioned in his majestic book; ((ذيل طبقات الحفاظ)) “Dhaylu Tabaqatu Al-Huffadh” page 347, that Shaykh Al-Islam Abu Fadl bn Hajar said, “I drank the water of Zamzam that I may attain the status of Adh-Dhahabi in Hifdh.” This is because Rasulullah صلى الله عليه وسام has mentioned in Medicine that Zamzam serves whatever intention it is drank for.

So be energetic and studious, do not relent in your efforts, may Allah be merciful to you, make du’a to Allah Ta’ala and work towards it. So that you are not among those who nurture false hopes about Allah تعالى with laziness. Remember that the lazy person never profits, neither in the affairs of the Dunya nor in the affairs of the Akhirah. Keep good company, distance the places of evil and the people who do not aim good and heavy things as you do.

Remember that it is despicable people that go for lowly characters and debased issues which are nonsensical. People of determination, manners and greatness do not do what the foolish ones do, rather they recall and put in their remindance what their predecessor among the people and Imams of the same Path they are threading today did to attain perfection and excellence. Then be patient thereafter and expect your reward with Allah on the Appointed Day.

((يوم ترى المؤمنين والمؤمنات يسعى نورهم بين أيديهم وبأيمانهم بشراكم اليوم جنات تجري من تحتها الأنهار خالدين فيها، ذالك هو الفوز العظيم)) الحديد: 12

“The Day that you will see the Believers men and women with their Nur passing in front of them and from their right sides, glad tidings to you today for the Jannat (Gardens) beneath which rivers flow, they will reside in them forever, that is the Great Triumph.” Al-Hadid: 12

May Allah تعالى choose us and you among His Selected servants indeed He is the Generous and the Bestower of All things:

و آخر دعوانا أن الحمد لله رب العالمين

وصلى الله عاى سيدنا وعلى آله وصحبه

وأتباعه أجمعين

والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله





O Allah! Benefit Me with this writing and benefit every student of knowledge by it, Indeed You are “Al-Jawwad,” (The Generous) and “Al-Karim” (The Honorable)

((لا إله إلا أنت سبحانك إنى كنت من الظالمين))


Islamnode is a platform for the dissemination of sound Knowledge of Islam and an orientation of Muslims of the Sciences of the Din in accordance with the Pristine Knowledge taught by the Rasul – Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam – to the Companions – Ridwanullah ‘Alayhim – and understood by them, their Students and those who followed them of the earliest generations. We follow the Sunnah of the Rasul – Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam – and promote the Works of the Ulama of Sunnah from the first generation to date. Our goal is to propagate the Sciences of Islam, to disseminate the sound understanding of the Salaf and to enable the sound education of Muslims in this era.

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