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Al-Akhdarī’s Text

Abdurrahmān bn Muhammad As-Sagīr bn Muhammad bn 'Āmir Al-Akhdarī Al-Jazā'ir

He was born ‘Abdurrahmān bn Muhammad As-Sagīr bn Muhammad bn ‘Āmir Al-Akhdarī Al-Jazā’ir 920 years after Hijrah to a family known for it’s Ilm, discipline and mastery of the Sciences. His father was a teacher and an Imām, adept in the Science of Fiq’h. Same was his brother Ahmad Al-Akhdarī, rahimahumullāh.

Thus the Imām grew in a home nourished with the Qur’ān which he memorised at a very young age. He took Ilm from his Father and brother, the sciences of Creed, Fiq’h, inheritance and the details of Arabic Grammer, morphology and poetry.

So he did Excel. He moved to the Jāmī Az-Zaytūnah the renowned University where the Polymaths pitched their tents and rained down the knowledge of Islām and it’s discipline to their students. Al-Akhdarī excelled his peers in the sciences that were taught in the Zaytunah as he was possessed of insight and a brain that grasped very fast.

Of his teachers were Abū Yahyah ibn ‘Aqabah and Qāsim Al-‘Aqbānī who were authorities in their time.

Al-Akhdarī was known for his depth of Understanding, his firm grasp of Ilm and his ‘Ibādah – Rahimahullāh. He spent his entire Day teaching and writing in the Masjid, and most of his night praying to Allāh in long Raka’āt filled with Khushū’ and a desperation for the mercy of Allāh.

He passed away 953 years after Hijrah at 33 years of Age after spending a life filled with Ilm and writing.

Of his books are:

Al-Jawharu Al-Maknūn Fī Thalāthati Funūn (which is a text on Balāghah, Al-Bayān and Al-Badī’) and As-Sullamu Al-Munawriq on the Science of Mantiq. These are both texts that Students of Knowledge focus on studying since then till today , rahimahullāh.

As for his Fiq’h treatise, the Mukhtasar it is that which is known most by people as Al-Akhdarī . It is a very small book in which the Imām discussed the very basics of At-Tahārah and As-Salāh only in accordance with Mālikī Fiq’h and the preferences of the Mālikī Imāms of his land.

The text was written for the most simplest matters of the Dīn as the Imām aimed at educating by it the Commoner Muslim that is far away from the Circles of Ilm and Children in their first levels of learning.

And Allāh looked unto the Sincerity of the Imām ( as we think. We do not claim a knowledge of Allāh, Allāh Alone knows who is sincere), and gave a global acceptance to his work for ever since this very little work was written, the Mālikī Imāms have turned to it with acceptance and encouraged the first timer beginner in Mālikī Fiq’h to study it with a Teacher.

Numerous Commentary works have also been authored on it such as Hidāyatu Al-Muta’abbadu As-SālikUmdatu Al-Bayān_ and Ad-Durar ‘Alā Al-Mukhtasar.

Likewise it has been rendered into lines of poetry by numerous ‘Ulamā.

May Allāh be merciful to Imām Al-Akhdarī and accommodate him in the Gardens of Firdaws in the Company of the Elect, amīn.

If you want to begin your journey in the study of Mālikī Fiq’h, you are Advised to take your first step toward this goal by studying the Akhdarī text with a teacher who has mastered it’s meanings.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazakumullāhu Khayran


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