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An-Nasafī’s Kanzu Ad-Daqā’iq

Abū Al-Barakāt Abdullāh bn Ahmad bn Mahmūd An-Nasafī, rahimahullāh.

Amongst the Notable notables among the Hanafī Jurists is the person of the great Imām and Theologian of his time, Abū Al-Barakāt Abdullāh bn Ahmad bn Mahmūd An-Nasafī, rahimahullāh.

Due to his diligence and rootedness, he was the Hāfidhu Ad-Dīn in his time and was the foremost proponents of the Hanafī School.

He rose to the fore in all the sciences of the Sharī’ah and wrote works in them all. He was foremost in Tafsīr, Qur’ān, Fiqh and ‘Aqīdah about which he all authored books.

His Tafsīr _Madāriku At-Tanzīl_ is among the Tafāsir today that are most important for a student of Knowledge to possess and he was the leading Imām of the _Māturidiyyah_ Creed about which he wrote the ‘Aqīdah called _Umdatu Al-‘Aqā’id_ which forms till date the major reference it the Mātūrīdī Creed.

Of his books is the illustrious manual of Hanafī Madh’hab _Kanzu Ad-Daqā’iq_ (The Treasure of Exactitudes) which is one of the backbones of the School’s Jurisprudence.

Imām Fakhruddīn Az-Zayla’ī described it as the single most important work of the Hanafī School.

May Allāh make soothing the earth upon which lie Imām An-Nasafī for he was an ‘Ābid, an adept Imām and a lover of this Dīn and the Ummah. He passed away 710 years after the Hijrah and was indeed one of the Notables who have revived for the Ummah it’s Dīn.

From the experience of the people of Knowledge, the Kanz is very important in understanding the Exactitudes and Nuances of the Hanafī School. You need it O Student of Knowledge that you may not fall into the trap of those that promote the view that the Hanafī Madh’hab is laden with errors…

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran


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