Article: Explaining the Ailment of the Ummah and its Cures

Shaykh `Abdul Kareem bn Sālih Al-Humaydī, An-Nidā Publications

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

بيان: داء الأمة ودواؤها    Explaining the Ailment of the Ummah and its Cures

Praises be to the Great King, the King of Kings, the Most Beneficial and Most Merciful.

Salutations and Greetings of Allah upon the Noble Prophet

And Thereafter:

Indeed, the Knowledge of the State of the Islamic Ummah today and to what it leads to with the passage of time from bad to worse has become clear and apparent, and it is what we have been promised of changes and alterations. So this is a clear miracle among the miracles of the Messenger of the Sovereign – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – which has happened physically and apparently.

Just as this has been actualized then of no doubt and without doubt the second miracle whose occurrence we have been promised is that which will return to us glory, honour, victory and establishment on earth if we return to the Path from which we came out and which is a security and a guarantor to what pleases the eyes and with the hearts in the life and the Ākhirah will be delighted at from the generosity of the Most Merciful One on the Ummah of Muhammad, His Khalīl and His Habīb – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – out of His concern and kindness which He selectively singled out for them from rest of the Nations.

And summarily, I shall mention the disease of the Ummah and its cures and All Praise be to Allah – I am a Believer who is certain of what He – Ta`āla said:

(وإن من شيء إلا عندنا خزائنه)

“And there is nothing but it`s treasure are with us”

Thus, the taking of the Ummah from the things that result into His wrath and to which earn His pleasure is not in the hands of anyone because it is a thing among the things which lie in the hands of the Honoured, Generous and All-Merciful, Sovereign to whom belong the keys of the Heavens and the Earth but we were commanded by our Sovereign King – subhānhu – to take to the means which saves by His Might and Power and which is free of our might and strength.

  1. Kufr in the International Tāghūt which is represented by the United Nations Organization and every organ that is attached to it.
  2. To make Takfīr on the Kuffār, to hate them and dissociate from them and to avoid allying with them, giving them sanctuary or aiding them against the Muslims.
  3. Abolishment of Constitutions and making Kufr in it
  4. Establishing the Hudūd punishments of Allah with the Pure Shar` of Allah, free from the stains of governments of constitutions but upon the way the Rasūl – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – and the Companions – radiyallāhu anhum – were upon.
  5. Establishing Jihād in the Path of Allah, so that the Word of Allah be the Most High in His Sovereignty
  6. The Effacing of Usury and its Banks
  7. The abolishment of tax which is called Tariff
  8. Returning the Ta`līm to exactly what the companions – radiyallāhu anhum – were upon and the Salafus Sālih (Pious Predecessors). And this is by the following things:


One; Restricting to the Two Knowledge and it is that with which the Rasūl – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – came with from the Sovereign – Jalla Jalāluh – and the abandonment of every other than it of Ta`līm (Education)

Two; That it should be in the Masājid

Three; The abolishment of this foreign system which attaches knowledge to foreign occupations (employments) which takes mixed up Knowledge as its means.

Four; That the intent behind it should be Allah and the Abode of the Ākhirah by abandoning the foreign certificate system.

Five; This Knowledge should be sought from the Pious `Ulamā who do not mix it with anything other than it and who do not seek payment over it.

  1. The abolishing of enemy foreign ministries and bureaus which are Government runs while it is a branch among the branches of the Tāghūt and it is the cause of the turning of Ta`līm from the intention of pleasing Allah and earning the Abode of the Ākhirah to the intention of earning wealth and authority, and it is the one which has made the Ummah as scum like the scums of the sea; and the bureaus are those that turned the system away from the Sharī`ah.
  2. The banning of the Dish Satellites, the Telegraph, the Radio Sets, the Recorders and the Microphones in their entirety, coupled with complete abandonment of broadcasting with it.
  3. Eradicating music, intoxicants and cigarettes
  4. The eradication of magazines and newspapers in their entirety
  5. The burning of every picture and its banning and the most significance pf it are the picture of cameras; and the changing of the currencies and making them to be free of pictures
  6. Forbidding the floating around of women and their free walking around putting into practice what He – Ta`āla said:

(وقرن في بيوتكن)

And remain in your homes”

The way the women of the Salaf (Predecessors) used to be.

  1. The banning of the shaving of beards.
  2. Prohibiting of flowing of garments beneath the ankles (for men).
  3. Banning the inflow of drivers and housemaids (from the foreign lands into the Hijāz)
  4. Abandoning taking semblance with the kuffār in its entirety, especially the garments of men and women.
  5. The establishment of Amru Bi Al-Ma`arūf (Commanding to Ma`arūf) and An-Nah`y An-Munkar (Forbidding all that is evil) as the Pious Predecessors used to do where the entire Ummah used to command to Ma`aruf and forbid from Munkar in accordance to the Kitāb (Book of Allah) and the Sunnah of the Messenger – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – and not according to the desires of the Government.

And let those who aim at the rectification (Islāh) know that rectification is the returning of the Ummah to that with which its first was rectified. But their error was severe when they thought that the alien system can be reformed whereas He – Ta`ālā – said:

(ولا تفسدوا في الأرض بعد إصلاحها)

And do not make corruption in the land after it has been set into order (rectification)

 While its rectification (order) was the Shar` of Allah which was free of the Alien and Foreign System to Islām. Indeed, this I have mentioned is what exactly – I swear by the Lord beside whom there is deity – the texts of the Kitāb and the Sunnah have hinted at, and it is one to which we have been commanded to cling unto and whose opposition we have been warned against.

But for what has occurred from the Mujāhidīn from the `Arab Countries – all of them – is of no doubt had an evil reaction and dealing right from its onset from those who are called `Ulamā and Mashāyikh in this era. When they looked at the incident just from one dimension by holding the Mujāhidīn accountable for every thing they do. By that, they assist against them – from within and from without – those who lie in wait for them. And this empty of justice upon which the Samāwāt (Heavens) and the Earth were established. Nay, It is oppression and tyranny.

And the Rightly-Guided Khalīfah Amīru Al-Muminīn `Umar bn Al-Abdil`Azīz – radiyallāhu anhu – made a statement which is in accordance to the sent down Shar` of Allah. He said:

(إذا جاءك الخصم المفقوءة عينه فلا تحكم له حتى يأتيك خصمه فربما أن عيناه الإثنتان مفقوءتان)

If a disputer comes to you while one of his eyes have been plugged out then do not judge the case in his favor until his accused comes, for it may be that both his eyes were plugged out”

 He – Ta`ālā – said:

(وإن قلتم فاعدلوا)

“And when you speak, then be just”.

Indeed, declaring the Mujāhidīn as criminal and describing them as killers, misguided sect and Khawārij, rather the situation has reached to declaring them as Kāfir and that the one who fights them is the Mujāhid, and other than that of what the involvers involve themselves into. All of that will return on the Day of Qiyāmah and Judgement about it will be made by the One who judges between His Servants with His Wisdom and not with their passions.

So it is said now: Indeed, what is obligatory upon those who stood up to these issues and speak about it and wrote from one perspective is: Return to your Dīn and look at the places you put your feet and the traces of your foot and approach the houses from their proper gates and do not increase for the Ummah destructions and evils.

Await the evidences of the other side and his goal. So then, if it amounts to declaring the kuffār (infidels) as Kāfirs, waging Jihād against them and establishing the Shari`ah of Allah on the earth of Allah between the servants of Allah, then it is what the Messenger of Allah – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – came with and nobody opposed it but the Kuffār and the Munāfiqīn (hypocrites). He – Ta`ālā – said:

(فليحذر الذين يخالفون عن أمره أن تصيبهم فتنة أو يصيبهم عذاب أليم)

“Let those who go against His Affair beware lest some calamity befalls them, or some painful punishment)

And how much did Allah promise those who turn away from His Path and seek for its crookedness. He – Ta`ālā – said:

(ولا تلبسوا الحق بالباطل وتكتموا الحق وأنتم تعلمون)

“Do not mix the truth with falsehood thereby concealing the Truth while you are aware “.

And the mixing up and hiding of truth has happened from these Mashāyikh (scholars). Definitely what has become clearly known to the Ummah today is that the Mujāhidīn wan the victory of the Dīn and the establishment of the Shari`ah of the Lord of the `Ālāmīn (creation) in this era in which strangeness has become severe and catastrophes have become magnified. And had the Prophet – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – come out of his grave then giving victory to the Dīn and establishing the Shari`ah of His Lord would have been all his preoccupation and his aspiration because his wills urged the Ummah to stick to his guidance and to the guidance of this Rightly-Guided Successors (Khalīfah) and warned of changing and altering the Methodology.

Therefore, would He change His Shari`ah if he resurrects (today) while he has commanded the Ummah to cling unto it and he has warned going against it.

This is made clear by the fact that the Prophet of Allah `Īsā – alayhissalām – his time of descension has drawn close and that he will govern with this Pure Shar`, so what would he do (seeing that it is not even in place)?

Indeed, before you of the legacies of your Prophet – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam – is what guides you to that and its what returns the Ummah to the early eras of its generations and the peak of its glory. Rather before him is the Mahdī who would that (governing by the Shari`ah), and that cannot be except by eradicating every false regime and alien constitution so that the Criterion will become clearly the Shari`ah of Ar-Rahmān. And for the reason that calamities do not befall unless due to sins and they are not lifted unless with Tawbah (repentance).

So this is the disease of the Ummah and its antidotes in summary without elucidations.

And Praise be to Allah – The Lord of the `Ālāmīn. And may the Salutations of Allah be upon our Prophet Muhammad – salallāhu alayhi wa sallam.

Written by Shaykh `Abdul Kareem bn Sālih Al-Humaydī

Rabī` Al-Awwal 1425 Hijrī





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