Article: What can you do in 10 Minutes?

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Read Surat Al-Faathah Seven times, and gain 9,800 hasanaat

Read Surat al-Ikhlaas 21 times, and it is equal to a third of the Qur’an, so it is as though you read the whole Quran seven times

Read a page from the Qur’an, or memorize a short ayah from Allah’s book

Say ’laa illaha illa allah, wahdahu laa shareeka lah lahu-l Mulk, wa lahu-hamd, wa huwa’alakulli shay’ in qadeer’ 20 times, and its reward is that of freeing eight Muslim slaves

Say ’SubhaanAllah wa bi hamdihi’ 100 times, so your sins would be forgiven, even if they were as the foam of the sea

Say ’SubhaanAllah wa bi hamdihi, subhanallah al-’adheem’ 50 times, and they are two phrases light on the tongue, heavy on the scale, and beloved to Allah

Say ’ Subhanallah, wal-hamdulillah, wa laa ilaaha illa allah, wallahu akbar’ 20 times and it is the most beloved speech to Allah, and the best speech, and the heaviest in reward

Say laa ilaaha illa Allah’ 70 times, and it is the greatest Kalimah, and whoever says it as his last words will enter paradise

Say ’Laa hawla wa laa quwatta illa billah’ 50 times, and it is a treasure of the treasures of paradise

Say ’Astaghfirullah’ 100 times, and it is a cause of mercy and entrance to paradise, and a cause of protection from calamity and ease of affairs

Send peace and blessings upon the prophet 50 times, so Allah will send peace and blessing upon you 500 times

Think about Allah’s creation in the heavens and earth, so you will be of the people of understanding that Allah has praised read two pages from a beneficial book, so our knowledge and understanding increase, and it is a means to paradise

Call your relatives on the phone, or to give Salaam to a Muslim, or ask about his condition

Raise your hands to the heavens, and ask of Allah what you wish

Intercede for your brother console your brother; Write a good word to you brother, and send it to him enjoin the good, and forbid the evil remove an obstruction from the road smile in the face of your brother, so it is sadaqah for you…

We waste many minutes waiting at the traffic light, and many more minutes at the doctor’s office, or for another appointment, or waiting for a call or a friend, and so on. Many minutes are lost here and there, but the wise one is he who benefits from them. The minutes that passes will never return again. So let it become a custom that we retain a juz of the Quran, or carry a small book in our pocket so that if we find a free minute, we benefit from it and gain reward and increase in knowledge.

And if you persist upon these actions, your tongue will become accustomed to reciting dhikr, and you will find yourself accomplishing more and more in a single minute and if you take advantage of a single minute, you will then take advantage of the longer, wasted periods of time.

Pray 2 Rakahs (Salaatu Ad-Duha) anytime after sunrise and before Dhuhr.

Abu Hurayrah – radiallaahu’anhu – said, “My Khaleel –Allah’s Messenger sallallaahu’alayhi wa sallam– advised me to do three things:

(1)That I fast 3 days of each month and

(2)To pray 2 rakahs of Duha and

(3)That I do my witr before sleeping.” – Bukhaaree and Muslim

Pray for Rasul Allahsallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam’ He – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam – said, “whoever prays for me once, Allah blesses that person 10 times (because of that prayer).” Muslim

Repeat what the Mu’adhdhin is saying

Abdullah ibn Amr narrates: a man said, “O messenger of Allah, the ones that call the people to prayer receive more reward than us. ”So Allahs messenger – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam-replied, “say what they say, then when you finish pray for anything and you shall be given it.” –Abu Dawood

Say ’Subhan Allah – How far Allah is from imperfection!’100 times

Mus’ab ibn Sa’d said: My father was with Allah’s messenger – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam-when he remarked, “Does any one of you not have the ability to attain 100good deeds (hasanaat)every day? Let him do tasbeeh (Subhan Allah) 100 times, it will be written for him 1000 hasanaat or 1000 sins will be wiped from his record.” –Muslim

Play with your children for the sake of Allah

Jabir narrates: We were with Allah’s messenger – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam- invited for a meal when we passed al-Husayn playing in the alley with some Ansar children. Allahs Messenger – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam-walked a little faster to go and play with him. He stuck out his hand to take him, but Al-Husayn ran here and there sqealing gleefully until allahs Messenger caught him. Then he – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam-held his chin with one hand and his head with the other and kissed Al-Husayn and hugged him. – A sound hadith narrated by Bukhaaree in ‘Al adab al mufrad’

Make Dua often during times of ease

Rasul Allah – sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam -said, “whoever it pleases that Allah answers his supplication during the times of calamity and hardship, let him increase his supplication amidst the times of ease.” –narrated by Tirmidhi and Al Hakim who classified it as authentic. …

Lets all try at the very least to find one deed for us which was mentioned above and implement it in the coming week. After it has become habit try another deed and so on. This is how we can all grow.


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