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As-Sullamu Al-Wusūl

Author: Hāfidh Ibn Ahmad Al-Hakamī - rahimahullāh

If you seek a Classical Muslim literature that is simple, concise, and yet encompassing of all the important matters of Creed ( ‘Aqīdah) and Tawhīd, then Sullamu Al-Wusūl Ilā ‘Ilmi Al-Usūl (The Alighting Ladder at the Foundational Knowledge) written by the thorough and Diligent Scholar, Hāfidh Ibn Ahmad Al-Hakamī – rahimahullāh – is what you need to study.

Though the Imām is of the Ulamā who spent very little time on earth and passed away very young, he superseded his pairs and excelled in the Sciences of ‘Aqīdah and Hanbalī Fiqh. He was born 24th Ramadan 1342 (28th April 1924) and passed away 18th DhulHijjah 1377 (6th Nov 1958) at 33 years approximately.

His teacher, Shaykh ‘Abdullah Al-Qar’āwī – rahimahullāh – said about him:

“He had no equal in thoroughness of seeking (of knowledge), in writing, in teaching, and in administration. All of which he attained in a very short period.”

The Sullam is in the ‘Urjūzah Poetical form, very easy to memorize and easy to understand. Get a teacher, a Shaykh, who have a thorough understanding of its Sharh (Commentary) written by the author himself: Ma’āriju Al-Qabūl and you have the main issues of Creed solved.

We ask Allāh to be merciful on its author and to grant us a firm grasp of Faith, āmīn

Bārakallāhu fīkum


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