Creation Of Man

Concepts #10

Man was created by Allāh and He Alone has the prerogative of command. Then, obedience to other than him must derive legitimacy ONLY from His sanction if He did. Then it is permissible only to obey anything aside Him if He had legalised and allowed for that Obedience to be. Otherwise such obedience is considered an affront at Him and an insubordination of His Divine Right.

This is a universal Rule agreed upon by the Ulamā before and now and whosoever claims otherwise has erred clearly into error.

Did Allāh not say in Sūratu Al-A’arāf

ألا له الخلق والأمر تبارك الله رب العالمين

“Indeed for Him is the Prerogative of Creation and Command. Blessed and Praised is Allāh the Creator of the Creations”

The Ulamā have agreed that the Command mentioned here is the Command of Qadr (Destination and Predestination), and the Command of the Sharī’ah which are the Day to Day Injunctions that govern our lives as believers in Allāh. This was emphasized by Imām Muhammad Al-Amīn bn Muhammad Al-Mukhtār Ash-Shanqītī – rahimahullāh – in Adwā’u Al-Bayān

Then, every Obedience that is not sanctioned by Allāh is a transgression of His Limits and every such obedience can lead to disbelief in Allāh and take it’s doer out of the Dīn if persistent and rebellious against Allāh…

Let those who care for their Dīn beware of this.

Bārakallāhu fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran


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