An implementation of One of it is better than the blessings of Rainfall

Concepts #14

An implementation of One of it is better than the blessings of Rainfall

After the enemies of Islam colonized the lands of Islām, killing it’s scholars and abolishing it’s Schools, they put in place behind them parallel governments and systems of government that depended on their own civilizations. They destroyed the curriculum of education that was established in the Muslim lands and substituted them with a watered down version of what they had in their own countries back home. They left behind their military led and governed by people they have trained that are indigenes of these Muslim lands, speak Muslim language and have Muslim skin so that when they have departed, these trainees of theirs implemented and enforced their own systems of Government and had the weapons to quench any sincere and serious attempt to renew the Path of Islām and establish the Sharī’ah of Allāh…

Generations came after the generation that witnessed the colonization. And then generations came after that generation until the new generation forgot the Path upon which their forefathers were and the Way of Life and System of Government that was established in the lives of their forefathers.

Then the people were split into three.

Those who are unaware or have forgotten, or are aware but don’t care, that the system of government that governs them is in opposition to the Government of Allāh, Islām, and what their forefathers were upon.

Those who are aware of those and wish it’s not so, they haven’t forgotten all of it in the least, but they have accepted the superiority of the Government of the Colonialists and the subjugation of the Sharī’ah of Allāh, thereby living their lives, hands akimbo as if to say nothing was wrong.

Those that live their lives, day and night, thinking of the situation and wishing, praying and acting to it’s revival with the little they can…

O People! The Implementation of the Sharī’ah of Allāh on Earth is an obligation and not subject to the like or otherwise of anybody. And the implementation of one Capital Punishment ( Hadd) among the Hudūd of Allāh is better and more benefiting to people than the benefits they derive from the rain of forty nights. A Hadīth to this effect is recorded by Imām Ahmad in his Musnad though with a weak chain.

But a comprehension of the meanings of the Sharī’ah, the wisdom behind it’s capital punishments, the most of which are aimed at deterrence, is obligatory upon you that you may appreciate what Allāh has given you of Islām.

The Egyptian Scholar and Master of Law, Shaykh AbdulQādir ‘Awdah – rahimahullāh – has written At-Tashrī’u Al-Janā’ī Al-Islāmī (Islamic Criminal Law) where he lays them side by side that the one possessed of insight may understand the Wisdom in them.

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazakumullāhu Khayran.


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