The Ijtihad Of The Imam Is That Which Is Followed

Concepts #20

There is no choice in the implementation of those things that are Pillars among the Pillars of Islam. Man has no choice to or to not implement them and it is not within the matters that are open to situations… This same ruling applies to matters that negate any of the Pillars of Islam and that are tantamount to Kufr…

Matters that are Obligatory to practice and implement are not open to choice either except that their implementation in the time of difficulty and stringency may warrant that their obligation is lifted by way of necessity. The opposite is true for matters that are Haraam and clearly spelt forbidden by the Law Giver…

Matters that are disliked (Makruh) and those that are encouraged (MustahabbManduub) are subject to the choice of the Servant. They have been encouraged, prescribed and recommended by the Law Giver (Allah and His Messenger), but their implementation is subject to choice and will to impress Allah and draw close to Him…

Then the Ruling of Allah on matters that are doubtful and unclear, and the matters of community and Congregational decisions are left to the decisions of the Imam of the Muslims when he has been appointed. It is his choice on the matters that there are differences of opinions that is followed and upheld. This is the reason for which he is appointed Leader and Overseer over them and over their affairs.

It is not permissible for a Muslim who believes in Allah and the Last Day to disagree with his leader and break the ranks of the Muslims by disobeying the Leader of the Muslims when he has already decided on that which the Community of Muslims should implement even though he feels that the position held by the Leader is not the best position at that time provided the matter under discourse is that about which differences of opinion are welcome and accepted.

This is the essence of having a Leader for the Ummah and the responsibility vested on him.

We ask that Allah return the Ummah to the Days of its Glory when it had Leaders and Imams who govern them with the Shari’ah of Allah… Amin


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