Success is Measured in degrees of Servitude and Steadfastness on the Path of Allah

Concepts #30

The world view of the West and the Modern era interprete and present every matter as a subset of the temporal life of this world and things are weighed in commensurable degree to the extent of satisfaction and comfort a person earns and attains in this world. Success to them is the attainment of the peak of a career, happiness in living and enough money to spend and attend to the needs… This view has filtered it’s way into Muslim discuss and become attractive to the hearts of many Muslims.

Success in reality and to the Muslim is ability to live a life of submission to Allāh and to die in Submission and Servitude to Him – Subhānah.

That is because this life is such a temporal and unreal world laden with trials and difficulties, and above all, a test and a trial ahead of the Real and Only True World, the Life of the Hereafter.

May Allāh make us among His Successful Servants, Amīn

Barakallahu Fikum


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