Man is Indeed an Ingrate

Concepts #5

Man knows that he didn’t create himself. Neither was he created by nothing. His instincts tell him that His Creation was a doing of Allāh – ta’ālā. Yet, he advocates for transgressing the limits set by Allāh. And takes other deities to render ‘Ibādah aside him.

Man is indeed an ingrate…

The _Tāghūt_ is that entity with which he transgresses these Limits by rendering to it ‘Ibādah…

Some men, stones are their _Tāghūt_. Some, animals… Most others take men as their _Tāghūt_…

These human _Tāghūt_make their own Laws aside that of their Lord Allāh, and formalise institutions to coerce people to submit to it.

The one who believes in Allāh and the Last Day not only hates these _Tāghūt_ in its various forms, he takes it’s erradication as his duty..

We seek Allāh’s Guidance…


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