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Abdullah bn mas’ud – radiyallaahu anhu – once said:

“Indeed you are in an era in which its Fuqahaa are many, the Orators are few, the Questions are few, those who give out (sadaqaat) are many, and active ibaadah is given precedence over following the mere desires. And a time will come after you in which its Fuqahaa are few, its speakers will be many, the questions will be numerous, the Givers (of kind and sadaqaat) will be very few, and following of the empty caprices and desires will be given precedence over (and it determines) active Ibaadah. So, hasten to active Ibaadah for to merely be guided in the last days is better than some good deeds.”

Commenting on this Athar, Al-Haafidh Ibn Hajar said in Al-Fat’h:

“Its Sanad (Chain of transmission) is sound and (a statement of) its like is not made from mere opinions”
Imaam Maalik – rahimahullaah – also recorded this Athar in his Muwattaa 1/173
In Al-Istidhkaar, Imaam Ibn AbdilBarr Al-Maaliki – rahimahullah – who passed away 463AH said:
“And what is clearly seen in this era shows indisputably the reality of the authenticity of the meaning of this statement like the clarity of the sun.”

Let us ponder over this:

“the speakers will be many and the questions many” even though the Fuqahaa are few, those posing as Ulamaa (i.e. The speakers) will be numerous.

May Allah make us among the people who do good deeds and give them preference over their desires.
Baarakallaahu feekum!


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