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The revered Companion Abdullah bn Umar – radiyallaahu anhuma – said:
“We lived a considerable portion of our lives and then one of us will be given Imaan before the Qur’an; and Surahs would be revealed to Muhammad – salallaahu alayhi wasallam – and we will thereby learn its halaal and its haraam and that which one is supposed to exercise scrupulousness in the same manner you people learn the Qur’an today.

But today, we see a people who are given the Qur’an before they have developed Imaan and then he would read from Faatiha to the end of the Qur’an without even realizing what he is been commanded to do, what he is been warned from doing or what he is supposed to exercise scrupulousness in its regards, and he just passes through it like the galloping of a horse.”

Recorded by Imaam Al-Haakim in his ‘Al-Mustadrak Ala As-Sahihayn’ #101 and he said it is Sahih in accordance to the conditions of the Shaykhayn. Imaam Adh-Dhahabi concurs with him in declaring it authentic and Al-Bayhaqi also

 recorded it in his ‘Sunan’ 3/120

The methodology of the Salaf is to learn and study Islam piecemeal. They had Imaan and were invigorated by it even before they began studying and memorizing the Qur’an. That meant that when they began studying the Qur’an, it was easy for them to comprehend it and to abide by its dictates.

 In the case of the people of the later generations, they began studying and learning the Qur’an even before they were invigorated by Imaan, they did not appreciate the Qur’an as did the First generation. So, they study the Qur’an without the feeling and consciousness that is supposed to accompany it.

That was the time of the Taabi’in, what would we say about this time of ours – 1400 years after – ?


Islamnode is a platform for the dissemination of sound Knowledge of Islam and an orientation of Muslims of the Sciences of the Din in accordance with the Pristine Knowledge taught by the Rasul – Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam – to the Companions – Ridwanullah ‘Alayhim – and understood by them, their Students and those who followed them of the earliest generations. We follow the Sunnah of the Rasul – Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam – and promote the Works of the Ulama of Sunnah from the first generation to date. Our goal is to propagate the Sciences of Islam, to disseminate the sound understanding of the Salaf and to enable the sound education of Muslims in this era.

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