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Imaam Ahmad bn Aasim Al-Antaaki – rahimahullah – (died 227H) said:

“I have indeed lived to witness the times in which Islam has returned to something strange the same way it began, and the truth has returned to something strange the way it began. If you were to seek for an Aalim (Scholar), you wil find him tried and fallen into the love of the world, the love of leadership and praise. And if you were to seek for a worshipper (an ‘Aabid, who is well known for his worship), you will find him a thorough Jaahil in his ‘Ibaadah, deceived and been played with easily by Iblis who have taken him to the highest peaks of Ibaadah whereas he is Jaahil of the least levels of it, so how will he understand the details of the highest peak? But as for the commoners and rank-and-file, then you will find them crooked and scaler, with no direction, like stolen wolves, like weakened preys and sickened foxes.”
Ref: ‘Hilyatu Al-Awliyaa’

O People! Imaam Ibn ‘Aasim passed away 227H and this is what he had to say on the people of his time. What about the people of our era?

,Inna lillaahi wa innaa ilayhi raaji’un!

An era in which it is difficult to see a single upright Muslim with whom you can ascend the heights of Islam.


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