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The Basics of a Healthy Community part 2


الحمد لله رب العالمين؛ والصلاة والسلام على من بعث رحمة للعالمين؛ وعلى آله وصحبه الغر الميامين؛ ومن تبعهم واقتفى اثرهم إلى يوم الدين

Assalāmu alaykum Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh
Our Day’s Halqah Topic remains the Basics of a Healthy Society. And we have discussed last week that the first prerequisite is that every individual is in peace with four;
Himself, his Lord, his family, and his Society. It is summarized in the Hadīth:

((المسلم من سلم المسلمون من لسانه ويده، والمهاجر من هجر ما نهى))

“The Muslim is he from whose tongue and hands the Muslims are safe from; and the Muhājir is he who migrates from what was forbidden.”

This was recorded by Imām Al-Bukhāri – rahimahullāh – in the Sahih from ‘Abdullah Ibn Al-‘Amr Ibn Al-‘Ās – radiyallāhu anhuma.

The Muslims to include his family and the broader society and he migrates from what is forbidden and he is at peace with Allāh and himself. Therefore, whenever a society is filled with individuals that are in peace and in a sound relationship with these four, the society becomes a very healthy community. One that records prosperity, social responsibility, love, concern and cooperative living.

That is the kind of Society that Islām has come to build and encourage
For this reason, the first Khutbah and Sermon that the Rasūl – salallāhu alayhi wasallam – delivered in the first Islamic State ever on earth – which formed the basic framework of the society, as was recorded by ‘Abdullah Ibn As-Salām – radiyallāhu anhu – on the Day of Hijrah and entrance into Madīnah went as thus:

” أَيُّهَا النَّاسُ , أَفْشُوا السَّلامَ , وَأَطْعِمُوا الطَّعَامَ , وَصِلُوا الأَرْحَامَ , وَصَلُّوا وَالنَّاسُ نِيَامٌ , تَدْخُلُوا الْجَنَّةَ بِسَلامٍ

“O People, spread the Salām, feed people, tie the bonds of kinship, and observe the Salāt in the night while others are asleep, you shall enter into the Jannah with Peace.”

To all that abide by the Message of Islām, you are telling him that he is safe from your evils, from your plottings, your tongue and your hands. At the same time, you are wishing him that he be in tandem with Allah’s Commands that he may be in Peace with Allah. And that he be in Peace with the Creation of Allāh.
We are sorry for the break. In shaa Allah we continue tomorrow

As salam alaykm warahmatullah wabarakaatu


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