Annals of Muslim History

The Ummah Bleeds


The Ummah has known many wars fought on land, on the Sea and in the realms of men…

The Ummah has seen massacre in the past in the battles of the Crusades, the murders of Andalusia Spain, the Mongol invasion of our lands, and the sacking of Baghdad the Caliphate’s Seat by the Hordes of Hulagu…

Our history has shown that the Ummah recovers every massacre and slaughter, and wins every battle that mattered when its West and East respected and followed a Leader – the Caliph, to whom it heared and obeyed…

And when the Judeo-Christian Alliance got the understanding of that, it ensured to crush the Muslim Unity and Entity of the Khilāfah in its 19th Century post World War Colonization of the Muslim Lands…

Judeo-Christian Crusade ensured the abolishment of Muslim Education and the massacre of Ulamā that mattered…

Ever since, Muslim blood has been exposed to the spilling.

We see Palestine, we see the Caucasus, we saw Bosnia and Kosovo in the Iberia.

We see Kashmir and the Philippines.

We see the Afghan Lands.
We see ‘Irāq and Syria.
We see the Muslim Lands of Arakān, Rogingya….

What ails our Ummah?
When will the Ummah return to its bearing?

Bārakallāhu Fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran


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