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Majmuu’u Al-Amir

Imam Abu Abdillah Muhammad bn Muhammad bn Ahmad bn AbdilQaadir bn AbdilAziz As-Sanbaawi Al-Maaliki

The Seminary Schools in our history were schools that not only taught the Sciences but imparted discipline and Spiritual nourishment to the Students. They were schools that ensured a thorough mastery and perfection of the Sciences that they taught.

The Polymath Imam Abu Abdillah Muhammad bn Muhammad bn Ahmad bn AbdilQaadir bn AbdilAziz As-Sanbaawi Al-Maaliki was a Polymath by all respects. He was nicknamed the Amir, a name he answered from his grandfather.

He was born in the Egyptian City of Asyut 1154 years after the Hijrah (1742 CE) where he grew to study from the Champions of Ilm in Al-Azhar and perfected the Sciences of the Shar’iah.

At the age of nine, he had memorized the Qur’an and perfected its recitation. He thereafter settled to learn and study from the Masters of the various Sciences of the Shariah. Of his teachers were Shaykh As-Su’aydi whom he accompanied for 20 years learning, Al-Bulaydi a Master in Fiqh, Al-Jabarti – a Master in Fiqh and Hadith and many others. It is mentioned that he studied all of the Madhaahib and perfected them.

And when he began to teach, thousands of Students of Knowledge traveled to him from far and near and his writings spread around the Muslim world and particularly the Northern African Lands.

Al-Amir was not only noted for his knowledge, he was an epitome of piety and discipline and his writings so easily project that.

One of those beautiful writings of his is the Majmuu’u, a simple prose of beautifully put together choices of the Maliki Jurisconsults on the subject of Fiqh. It was accepted by the Ulama of his time as a Book of Maliki Fiqh to such an extent that some of his teachers referred to it.

Al-Amir passed away in the year 1232 after the Hijrah after living a life dedicated to the spread of Ilm and a service to Islam. May Allah be merciful to him.

The Majmuu’u is a beautiful book to study. Find a Shaykh who can teach and put you through it today, and take the knowledge of Islam from those who have mastered it.

Barakallahu Fikum
Jazakumullahu Khayran


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