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Allah ta’ala said in the Qur’an ((شهد الله أنه لاإله إلا هو والملائكة وأولو العلم قائما بالقسط لاإله إلا هو العزيز الخكيم))

“Allah bears witness that there is no deity worthy of worship except Himself; the Angels and the People of Knowledge also bear witness, (He is ) standing upon balance and justice, there is no deity worthy of worship but Him, He is the Exalted the All-Wise” Al-Imran 18

About this verse, Imaam Ibn Al-Qayyim – rahimahullaah – said:

“He – Glorified is He – called upon the testimonies and witnesses of the People of Knowledge on what is the greatest and most important thing for which testifying is called, and that is His Tawhid…and this shows the merits and virtues of the knowledge and its people. The first (thing worthy of note in the verse) is their been singled out of the entire mankind and called to give witness; the second (virtue hinted at here) is the accompanying of their testimony with that of Himself; the third is putting it in the same category as the testimony of His Angels; the Fourth is that it is a kind of accreditation and testimonial for them because Allah does not call upon the testimony of any of His creation unless that of the trustworthy (tested and trusted) ones among them… And these suffices for them as a virtue and as honor.”

(Ref: Miftaahu Daari As-Sa’ada pgs 48-49)


Therefore let us strive to be of these that Allah has given such a great honor!

Jazakumullaahu khayran!


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