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Qaadi Abdulwahhaab’s At-Talqin

Abu Muhammad Abdulwahhab bn 'Ali bn Nasr bn Ahmad bn Hussain bn Haarun bn Maalik bn Tawq At-Taghlabi Al-Iraaqi, rahimahumullaah.

Qaadi Abdulwahhaab was a brilliant Imaam and a Polymath Imaam by consensus. He was the leading Maaliki Proponent and Imaam of Baghdad and Shaam in his Era. Baghdad was the seat of the Caliphate at that time and thus the Citadel of advancement, learning and awareness. The Baghdaadi branch of the Maliki School was the most intellectually thriving no surprises as it was situated in the midst of the the most Intellectual city in the Muslim world where the Madhaahib met, debated and compared notes.

He was Abu Muhammad Abdulwahhab bn ‘Ali bn Nasr bn Ahmad bn Hussain bn Haarun bn Maalik bn Tawq At-Taghlabi Al-Iraaqi, rahimahumullaah.

Abubakar Al-Khatib said about him as was quoted by Adh-Dhahabi in the Siyar :

He was a Trustworthy Narrator who transmitted Hadith from Al-Hussain bn Muhammad… We did not meet any of the Malikis that excelled him in Fiqh.. ”

Qaadi Abdulwahhaab studied from the foremost stallions of Ulamaa in his time. He was an expert in the science of Fiqh, Hadith and Usul, positions that propelled him to the foremost of the foremost, rahimahullah.

He passed away in Egypt in the Month of Safar 422 years after the Hijrah at the age of 60 after living a life filled with knowledge and teaching.

Of the books he authored in his lifetime is At-Talqin, one of the most beautiful compendiums of the Maliki Madh’hab ornamented with excellence of wordings and summary of choices for he chose of the Maliki positions that which is closest to the Ahaadith. He authored At-Talqin in the later part of his life when he had gathered experiences and confronted other Madhaahib Rahimahullah.

The Talqin is a very important book to study and to comprehend if you desire to understand the Maliki Fiqh. Try to lay your hands on it, and May Allah grant us all Tawfiq, amin.

Barakallahu Fikum
Jazakumullahu Khayran


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