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Submission and Compliance to Allah -Ta’ala



Imām Abū ‘Abdullah Muhammad bn Abī Bakr bn Ayyub Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah

This important Hadīth contains certain matters of knowledge, Tawhīd and worship. Amongst them, is that, supplicant starts by saying, “I am Your servant, the son of your servant, and the son of your Maid servant”, This includes the forefather of the supplicant til Adam and Eve. And in this sphere, it implies submission and full compliance to Allāh, and acknowledging of being His servant along with his forefathers.

And the servant Has no way except that of His Lord blessings and graces. And Whenever his Lord neglects him, he shall be destroyed, with no support from anyone.

In other words, This acknowledgement means: I can’t do except with your support, and I have no refuge other than You, for I am your submissive servant.

And it connotes that the supplicant has submitted all His affairs to his Lord in terms of obedience, orders. Thus, He only acts according to the commandments of his Lord not according to his self wills. For it’s not the role of a servant to provide helps or protection for himself, rather, it is the role of kings and masters.

Allāhu A’alām.
Bārakallāhu fīkum.
Jazākumullahu Khayran.

1st Safar, 1444H.




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