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The Nūniyyah of Al-Qahtānī

Author: Abū Abdillāh Ibn Sālih Ibn Muhammad Ibn Sa'ad Ibn Nazzār Ibn 'Umar Al-Mu'ārifī Al-Qahtānī Al-Mālikī - rahimahullāh

Undoubtedly, the Nūniyyah is one of the Mastered pieces of Arabic and Muslim Poetry that covered basically the matters of ‘Aqīdah in accordance to the Salafī Doctrine.
Its author employed the use of his excellence in Poetry, Mastery of Hadīth and Fiqh, and depth in the Matters of Creed. His Poem was so excellent that the Imām Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah not only referred to him in his own later Nūniyyah, but quoted from him his statement on the Qur’ān and referred to him as Shā’irunā (Our Poet).

The downsides of the Nūniyyah is his severity on the Ash’ariyyah, the Qādiriyyah and the Sūfiyyah. He used very harsh words that some Ulamā have spoken ill of. Likewise, his severity on Modern Science, Philosophy and Astronomy led him to deny the Oval Nature of the Earth which some Ulamā declared an Ijmā on. These single drops of errors did nothing to affect the excellence and splendor of the Nūniyyah for which the Ulamā called and encouraged the Students of Knowledge to study under the guidance of a Teacher.

The Nuniyyah contains 686 Lines of Master Arabic Poetry memorized by Students of Knowledge across the globe. I recall that my Shaykh memorized it all within three weeks.
Some of the Ulamā have attributed its authorship to the Andalusian Poet and Master of Hadīth and Fiqh Abū Abdillāh Ibn Sālih Ibn Muhammad Ibn Sa’ad Ibn Nazzār Ibn ‘Umar Al-Mu’ārifī Al-Qahtānī Al-Mālikī – rahimahullāh – who was born in Qurtubah and studied in almost all the cities of Islām to include Andalusia, Egypt, the Maghrib, Hijāz, Shām, Isfahān, Baghdād, Naysābur, and then Bukhārā where he passed away as an Imām in Fiqh and Hadīth and a Student of Knowledge in the Path of Allāh.

About him, the Author of Ta’arikh Bukhara said: “He was a Hāfidh Faqīh who authored a Collection on the History of the People of Andalusia”

May Allāh be merciful on the Qahtānī Imām and grant us his Ilm, āmīn.

Bārakallāhu fīkum
Jazākumullāhu Khayran


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