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The Virtues of Sūratu Al-Fātihah



Imām Abū ‘Abdullah Muhammad bn Abī Bakr bn Ayyub Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyyah

Hence, the beginning of the sūratu Al-Fātihah speaks about Rahmah, and the middle talks about guidance, and the end discusses about blessings.

And the share of servant from the favor depends on his level of guidance, and his portion of guidance depends on the amount of mercy he receives from Allāh Ta’ala.

Thus, all the affairs still revolve and return back to the blessings and Mercy of Allāh Ta’ala. And the blessings and Mercy are the characteristics of Lordship; thus, He is the most Merciful and Benefactor, and it is amongst the Mūjibāt of divinity, He is the true God, even if the deniers deny that and the mushrikūn deviate from it.

Therefore, whoever establishes the true meaning of this sūratul fatihah based on sound knowledge, practice what it entails and takes it as a way of life, he has indeed achieved a lot of bounties due to his perfection. And his I’bādah is that of the devout worshippers whose levels has been raised above the ordinary people. And Allāh’s Help is sought.

Allāhu A’alām.
Bārakallāhu fīkum.
Jazākumullahu Khayran.

19th Dhul Hijjah, 1443H.





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