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The Virtues Of Ramadan Part I


عن أبي هريرة قال : قال رسول الله – صلى الله عليه وآله وسلم – : إذا كان أول ليلة من رمضان صفدت الشياطين ، ومردة الجن، وغلقت أبواب النار ، فلم يفتح منها باب ، وفتحت أبواب الجنان فلم يغلق منها باب ، وناد’ى مناد يا باغي الخير أقبل ، ويا باغي الشر أقصر ، ولله عتقاء من النار و ذالك كل ليلة
رواه الترمذى

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah – radiyallahu anhu – who said that

The Messenger of Allah- salallahu alayhi wasallam- said
” On the first night of Ramadan, Satans and rebellious jinn are restrained, the gates of hell are closed, not a single gate is left open and the gates of paradise are open, not a single one of them is closed and caller calls out saying, ‘O seeker of good, come forth (with your good), and O seeker of evil, restrain yourself.’ Allah has people he frees from hell fire and that is every night (of Ramadan).”
Reported by Al-Tirmidhi.


♦ The numerous bounties of this month starts from it’s very first night.

♦ One can easily get reformed and reach a high spiritual level since the rebellious jinns and Shayaateen (Satans) are chained by Allah in this month.

♦ All the gates of Jannah (paradise) are opened in this month as a motivation for us to work for it through pious deeds and at the same time all the gates of Jahannam (Hell fire) are closed as a refrain for us from doing wrong, evil and shameful deeds.

♦ We are enjoined to always be determined, persistent and improve in doing good (seeking Allah’s pleasure), and also cautioned to refrain ourselves from anything other than good.

♦ Allah in His infinite Mercy frees people from hell fire every night in this blessed month of Ramadan so lets intensify Du’a for our dead ones.

O Allah count us among the doers of good, elevate us and grant us persistence and forgive our deceased ones.



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