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#905: On Sexual Intimacy Via Phone

I have questions. 1. Is phone sex between spouse permissible in Islam if they are far from each other?
2. Is it permissible for couples to be exchanging nude pictures if they are far from each other?”


Wa Alaykum Salām Warahmatullāh Wabarakātuh

What is Obligatory upon any man who is married is to not be distant from his wife
This is what is close to Piety, free from Fitnah and best in doing

Why should you be married to a woman and be far from her ?

If it is sustenance seeking, find a way of bringing her close to where you seek your sustenance and don’t see away from her, if it is studies, find a way of visiting her as often as possible if she can’t be close to you or you be close to her in such a way that there is no real distance felt

As for doing any form of communications that require nude pictures been sent and the likes, these are all Harām

The Ulamā who permitted the taking of pictures exempt the taking of pictures of things and places that are Harām to be seen

The Rule says: Anything that is Harām to be seen is Harām to be photographed or captured by camera

And this is a sound Precept backed by the Maqāsid of the Sharī’ah
It’s pair is the Precept: Whatever is Harām to be seen is Harām to touch
These are both Sound Precepts that agree with the Maqāsid of the Sharī’ah

That said, why should you take nude pictures of yourself for sending to your husband, or vice versa when you are couples and can have legitimate accesses to yourselves, fear Allāh and distance from that

As for the use of words and statements that are safe and does not lead to dirty habits like masturbation or entice to Zinā, there is nothing wrong with that but to distance from that too is better and safer

Let whosoever love his Dīn and wants to protect the Dīn of his wife and the honour of his family not distance from them unless when it is necessary and required

This is so important that even in Jihād, the Ulamā encouraged not distancing from wives as much as possible

We ask Allāh for Guidance and Tawfīq, amīn

Bārakallāhu Fīku
Jazakumullāhu Khayran

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