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Al-Mukhtaaru Li Al-Fatwah

Abd Allāh ibn Maḥmūd Al-Mawṣilī, rahimahullah

The Manual of Hanafi Fiqh Al-Mukhtaar Li Al-Fatwah ‘Ala Madh’hab Al-Imam Al-‘Aadham Abi Hanifata An-Nu’uman, an authorship of the Polymath ʻAbd Allāh ibn Maḥmūd Al-Mawṣilī, rahimahullah, mainly take the place of the Mukhtasar in the Maliki School in the Hanafi School.

The beauty of the Mukhtaar is that it is not too concise to let go of much needed guidance for the Student neither is it too detailed to bring about boredom. It is one of the four foremost manuals of Hanafi Law upon which the Madh’hab and the Fuqahaa Experts rely.

Ibn Mawdud Al-Mawsuli was born 599 years after the Hijrah in the city of Mawsul. He learnt the basis of the Shar’iah from his father and perfected the Sciences of the Shar’iah from the prominent Imams of Mawsul. He then traveled to Dimashq where he learned from its people and later to Baghdad.

Among his teachers were Jamaluddin Al-Husayri, Umar bn Muhammad As-Sahrudi, Uthman Al-Batti, and others. He once occupied the position of Qadaa in the city of Kuffah and was among its Luminaries.

Of his students were Abu Al-‘Alaa Mahmud Al-Fardi, Abu Muhammad Ad-Dumyaati and others, rahimahumullaah.

Zaynuddin Qaasim, the author of the Tabaqaat of the Hanafiyyah mentioned that when he was the Senior Professor in the Jaami Abi Hanifah, many Ulamaa and Students of Knowledge would attend his lectures and learn from his teachings.

He passed away on a Saturday the 20th of Muharram 683 after the Hijrah… May Allah illumine His grave and make spacious his room, amin

Barakallahu Fikum
Jazakumullahu Khayran


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